/10 Flowers That You Love to Grow In Your Home

10 Flowers That You Love to Grow In Your Home

Selecting the best indoor flower plants to grow in your home is relatively easy if you have a plan in place. You might shop with a list of favorites in mind or you might go to the garden center with just a color scheme at the back of your mind or maybe you just liked to be surprised by what you find in stores.

But before you start picking out plants, think about what you want to accomplish. These questions should be answered when you are preparing to kick off your garden project. Do you seek a colorful plant with the longest season and the least maintenance? Perhaps you want to dress up your interior decoration with some vibrant colors or transform your living room into a tropical haven. Whatever the reasons you may have, I assure you there are plants that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Begonia flower plant

This plant family represents royalty because of its fancy leaves that have many beautiful colors highlighted by unusual patterns and swirls in the foliage. Begonia makes a sensational statement especially when they are being used as part of your home decoration strategy. They are also some of the Best indoor flower plants to grow in containers. Many varieties of the Begonia Plant bloom all year round, and some perform well during the summertime through fall or with partial shade. Any variety of the plant will definitely live up to the hype of the specie. They are some of the easiest and beautiful plants to grow as indoor plants or in a garden. Learn more about growing Begonia plant

Kalanchoe flower plant

This is a succulent type of indoor flowing plant. It is a popular flowing plant usually called kalanchoe or flaming Katy or florist kalanchoe, which makes it easy to find. They are easy to grow and blooms for quite an extended period throughout the year. Caring for this succulent plant is very easy, and they make for good interior scaping at home and in the office as well.

Bromeliad Plant

If you are looking for an exotic plant to grow inside your home look no further, Bromeliad got you covered. This plant adds a bit of tropical sensation and a sun-kissed climate feel to your house. Bromeliad is one of the best Indoor flower plants to grow because it’s easy to maintain and also adds an interesting texture and color to your home or interior garden. It is an incredibly diverse plant specie with 2,877 different species, that’s a lot of bromeliads to choose from. Why I personally recommend this plant is that they can forgive you even if you do not water them aka less maintenance needed.

African Violet Plant

African violets are miniature houseplants that produce white, purple, or blue flowers with fuzzy leaves. They are popular house plants which makes them easy to find in grocery shops and nurseries. They come in different varieties of shapes, colors, and sizes. There are generally 8 species of this plant but have hundreds of hybrids, and are pretty easy to grow if you play by their rules.

Christmas cactus Plant

As the name suggests, this is a winter flowering plant that blooms just in time for the holidays. It adds that Christmas feeling to the house because when they bloom, they produce beautiful colorful, tubular flowers in pink or lilac colors. With their beautiful flowers, extended bloom time, and easy maintenance requirement make them one of the best indoor flowering plants to have in your garden. One of the amazing things about this specie of plant is that it had specie for thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas

Peace Lily

This is a popular office and home plant also known as a closet plant. The reason this is a popular plant is majorly attributed to the fact it’s easy to care for and also excellent for cleaning the air of the room it is in. Peace lilies are listed as poisonous to cats and dogs by ASPCA because they contain oxalates that can irritate the mouth and stomach of animals. So, if you have a pet that can be affected by this plant take appropriate measures to protect them.

Aglaonema Prosperity


Looking for a plant that fits into your modern-day house? Aglaonema Prosperity plant is also known as Chinese evergreen fits this profile. With its vibrant and colorful patterned leaves, this highly decorative plant is perfectly suited for your living room, office, or even a cozy study room. The reason why its one of the best Indoor flower plants to grow is that its tolerance in either a moist or dry condition and also can thrive with low light situations. Easy maintenance makes it ideal for beginners looking to grow their first indoor plant.

Syngonium Podophyllum “Neon Robusta”

This is low maintenance and easy to propagate the indoor plant. An evergreen bloomer with iridescent pink shade on the upper side of the leaf with pure green color underneath it, making it a decorative plant to add color to your house or garden. Suitable for beginners looking to get into gardening or growing a plant for aesthetics.

Purple oxalis (Purple shamrock)

The purple shamrock is a magical plant. It will steal the show with its eye-catching purple leaves in your home. Personally, I call it the “butterfly shamrock” because of its triangle-shaped leaves in a deep purple with light purplish-rose in the center. During spring is when the magic of this plant comes to life; the plant produces small trumpet-shaped flowers in the color of white or pink and lasts for several weeks. And check this out, the leaves open during the daytime and closes at night time. As magical as this plant is, it is also easy to maintain but needs regular water and can be poisonous to your pets. So, take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your household.

White Jasmine

You might know jasmine as an outdoor plant but Jasmine has different varieties of which belongs to the Jasminum polyanthum which can be grown indoors. This particular specie of the Jasmine plant has a sweet aroma that is particularly fragrant at night. It flowers in late spring into early summer and its not hard to maintain only requires monitoring.

Most people like the idea of easy-care plants especially when the purpose is for decorations and not proper gardening. This is why I took the time to research in order to find the best indoor flower plants with the least amount of maintenance required all year round. You can add  Metal Sheds If you want a small garden in your outdoor. You might want to also do further research to see how these selections above fit into your overall purpose and home situation.

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