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Amazon Prime Day 2023 – Robb Report

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I fiddled with the display settings. I restarted my router. I unplugged my TV. No tweak big or small, sadly, could restore my screen to what it used to be. It wasn’t as vibrant and by no means as clear. I had come to the understanding that I’d been holding on to my old model for way too long—and for what? To watch my favorite characters get washed away in muted lighting? I wanted the best viewing experience, and, frankly, I needed it. Now’s the time to make a move.

If the Academy handed out trophies to TVs, the award for best picture might just go to the Sony 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90L Series. Seriously, this season of Black Mirror has never looked sharper. (And as scary as that sounds, that’s actually a good thing.) This model features a Cognitive Processor XR and an OLED panel. If you can’t decode the tech jargon, it means colors appear brighter and more accurate. It’s also optimized for streaming specifically, equipped with a Netflix Calibrated Mode that automatically adjusts the display depending on the content you’re watching on the platform. 

Aside from the picture quality, there’s a ton of audio enhancements, too. Immersive Acoustic Surface technology essentially turns the entire TV into one giant speaker, so it’ll pick up on soaring jets in Top Gun: Maverick and every “Yes, chef.” The model even has 4K UHD-quality movies already on the Bravia core app for you to choose from. Speaking of which, I finally ditched my external streaming devices because everything from Prime Video to Disney+, AppleTV, MAX, and Peacock are already built-in. 

Not big into binging? Gamers can move over to the aptly named Game mode where picture settings and assist features are all in one place. PS5 owners will also have exclusive perks like Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Switch.

If your smart TV is suddenly acting dumb, you can nab a Sony Bravia for $1,098 during Amazon Prime Day. And if math isn’t your forte, that’s a steep 16 percent off its original $1,300 price.

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