/Best public banks in the world

Best public banks in the world

Banks are important financial institutions, which offer a wide range of products and services like managing money deposits, wealth management, investment banking, and currency exchange to name a few. The current bank customers are regarded as individual consumers, companies, businesses, and several other kinds of institutional clients. They have a big role to play when it comes to operating in the market. How about checking some of the best public banks in the world as under:

Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China Ltd.

It is regarded as one of the biggest banks in the world, which is more known as IDCBY. It gains a revenue of $123.6B with a net income of $45.3B, while the market cap of this bank is $231.8B, whereas the training total return in one year is 6.9%. Lastly, the exchange in the making is done via OTC. It is regarded as the top bank in the world when we compare it in the total asset value under management. It offers credit cards along with loans and finance for different businesses and companies.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This bank comes second in terms of size and in terms of assets, which is often known as JPM. The Revenue of the bank is $114.6B, while the net income is around $36.4B, while the market cap is around $280.1B with a one-year trailing total return going up to -5.8%. The exchange is considered to be the best in the New York Stock Exchange. It is regarded as the top multinational bank and financial services holding company. It is involved in things like asset management, corporate lending, investment, wealth management, and consumer banking to name a few.

Japan Post Holdings Co. Ltd.

The next biggest bank in the world is Japan Post, which is often called JPHLF. It has a revenue of $112.3B with a net income of $4.7B having a Market Cap: $34.4B backed with a one-year trailing total return of -28.3%, whereas the exchange rate goes to OTC. One of the unique features of this bank is its operations in banking along with life insurance, and logistics. It is in services like life insurance, logistics, and other businesses.

China Construction Bank Corp.

The next big bank in the world is China Construction Bank Corp, often called CICHY. It has a revenue of $102.2B with a Net Income of $38.7B having a market cap of $196.6B along with having a one-year trailing total return of 3.7 percent. The exchange operates in this OTC and it remains the best place to bank with. Some of the key services that are offered include getting good credit lines, e-banking, commercial loans, and other similar services.  Besides, this bank also offers personal banking via a separate segment along with giving wealth management, credit cards, and personal loans to name a few.

Wrapping up

These are some of the banks that remain the biggest in the world. These rank high in terms of assets these own along with offering giving people a wide range of benefits to offer.