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Casa Lumbre Launches Alma Finca Orange Liqueur – Robb Report

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If you’re mixing up a Margarita, you’re gonna need some type of orange liqueur to add sweet citrus notes (unless you’re making a Tommy’s Margarita, that is, which subs in agave nectar). Cointreau, some type of triple sec, or even Grand Marnier are all good options, but now there’s a new orange liqueur from Mexico that might become your go-to Margarita ingredient called Alma Finca.

The company behind this new liqueur is Casa Lumbre, which is known for producing Montelobos Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, and Abasolo Corn Whisky, among other brands. Master distiller and co-founder Iván Saldaña is the man behind Alma Finca as well, and his intention was to create a spirit using fresh citrus that would capture the flavor of the Yucatán Peninsula. “Our newest creation allows us to showcase the essence of Yucatán, whose rich and bountiful flavors are still influenced by its abundant culture and history,” he said in a statement. “It is the citrus capital of Mexico and our inspiration for new Mexican mixology creations.”

The name Alma Finca literally means “soul estate,” which according to the brand is supposed to evoke a sense of place and flavor. The ingredients include sweet and bitter orange peels, Persian lime leaves, citrus blossoms, and spices harvested during the late fall from the town of Oxkutzcab. Each ingredient is macerated in the base spirit separately for five days before being blended together into the final product, which is bottled at 80 proof with no additives or flavorings. “With rich flavors, Alma Finca Orange Liqueur adds new layers to the Margarita as well as other classics that call for orange liqueur such as the Cosmopolitan and White Lady,” said national ambassador Adhel Martinez. “We hope [it] will inspire mixologists and lovers of Mexican mixology to explore how the essence of Yucatán comes to life in their recipes.”

Alma Finca is available now to purchase (SRP $35) in select markets, but will soon be available nationwide from online retailers. You can also find other Casa Lumbre products available to purchase from websites like ReserveBar.

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