/Diamond vs. Gold: Which is celebs hot choice?

Diamond vs. Gold: Which is celebs hot choice?

The answer to this question is obviously diamonds. Wearing the right jewelry is as important as wearing the designer dresses at any event. And nothing can beat diamond and certainly not the gold jewelry if you compare the two. Diamond simply adds glamour to the persona of celebrities when they have them at any event. Diamond simply symbolizes royalty, luxury and beauty. Whether the celebrities wear diamond based necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings and these gorgeous pieces simply add new edge to the personality of celebrities. The red carpet aura is simply incomplete without the elegance of diamonds. Let’s have a closer look to the reasons why celebs find diamond as their hot favorite option in the following paragraphs.

Diamond a symbol of financial wealth

Celebrities like diamonds for the same reason unlike you see any other person liking them. The basic reason is they are shiny and sparkle a lot. Diamonds are usually seen as the status symbol along with being the financial wealth symbol. The bigger is the size of diamond the more money you are supposed to have. People simply love to know what’s going in the lives of celebrities. For instance, if they are engaged the first question that strikes in their minds is the diamond engagement ring. Hence you will find their left hand becoming the center of focus and attention along with being the element of speculation. Another theory which people believe about diamonds is that the sparkle nature of diamond is simply the symbol of life and celebration in the very same way darkness symbolizes grief and death.

Diamonds are a high value and high priority stones

When you compare the value of gold and diamond the latter seems to be leading in many ways. Diamonds are considered as high priority and high value stone, and hence could be found only at some of the truly wealthy families including the celebrities. Diamonds were also the part and parcel of some of the famous and powerful kings and queens in the history. Though things have changed, but diamond has remained the center of attraction and favorite metal in the high profile circles, which certainly includes celebrities.

It symbolizes fame, glamour and wealth

Another important reason why celebrities simply love diamonds is the fact that these are associated with things like fame, glamour and money. And if you look at the life of any celebrity, it is simply surrounded by these three important elements. In fact, these three things make the difference between a common man and celebrities. People simply love to wait to see their diamond rings especially when they have announced their engagements in the public forums. And celebrities flash their diamond rings before the media, which is being covered by celebrity gossip magazines and news sites.

For instance, last year a celebrity called Jennifer Aniston was presented some of the most gorgeous 8 carat diamond rings on her engagement. And as per the magazine- Life and Style it is among the best stones and better known as the emerald cut diamond. Another classic example is of Avril Lavigne who was seen presented some of the largest diamond ring with stone of 14 carat worth 350,000 dollars. Hence in this way, you could find a number of celebrities flashing with some diamond stone to the other, which is equally gorgeous and expensive.

Final Word

Celebrities and diamonds are linked with each other for all these reasons. Diamonds bring in fame and glamour to these people and vouch for the money they have. Without diamonds the life of celebrity would be simply plain and could go unnoticed. Hence they have all reasons to love them about Diamond vs. Gold.