/Expensive employees on board

Expensive employees on board

Who remains the most expensive employee in the company? Any Guesses, well, I feel and you would also agree to the fact that it is the CEO of the company. These are breed of people who pump in the huge amount of money that makes them the most expensive employee on board, how about checking the list of such people in the following paragraphs, have a look:

Jeff Bezos

One of the top names that comes into picture in this list include that of the man from Amazon. He started his venture by selling books online from a small space in his apartment garage based in Seattle. He then rose to power getting huge revenue and by the end of the 2015, he was the highly paid CEO of any company. In fact, he remains at the forefront when it comes to donations and charity. As per reports, in 2012, he donated the amount of 2.5 million USD for a same sex marriage in DC.

Mark Zuckerberg

The other employee of any company that makes the most in terms of salary is Mark Zuckerberg. He started young and by the time reaching at the age of 34 was quick to record 70 billion USD and thus remains the self-made in his career. He did start modest but today earns around 70 billion as his salary. He also owns the fastest and the biggest social media site called Facebook, which owns more than 2 billion users. Thus as they say, if Facebook were any nation, it could have been the third largest country in the world in terms of population.

Charles Koch

The next man in this list is of Charles Koch, who tops the list when it comes to salary and money. Despite being of 82 years of age, this man has remained the CEO of the Koch Industries Inc and has been in this position since 1967. Since past five decades he has remained the top man to earn huge in his salary for any American enterprise. He also is the founder of the institutes like the Heritage Foundation, libertarian Cato Institute and American Enterprise Institute.

Larry Page

The next man in this list is of Larry Page, who owns the Fortune Company called Alphabet Age and he has the net worth of $48.8 billion (£38.1 billion). He is the man who has made the search engine not just big but giant when it comes to search engine. Google is a company that has the huge ratings over the employee and employer rating site called Glassdoor that ranges up to 95 per cent. Thanks to the employee friendly policies, things are way ahead in terms of communication skills and managing the true leadership model for the CEOs.

Michael Dell

The other man in this list is of Michael Dell who has the net worth of $24.1 billion. He is among the highest paid employees of any company and has been into different domains like IT and other relevant field. He with his employee friendly in the world. The company has named him as the youngest CEO in the Fortune 500 Company.