/Expensive Flowers Everyone Want to use in their Wedding

Expensive Flowers Everyone Want to use in their Wedding

Flowers often remain the most preferred gifts for special occasions including weddings and other occasions. The fact of the matter is we hear the phrase that talks about the flowers, say it with flowers, which says it all. Flowers are the best and easy on the purse. But as we tend to hear we look at some of the rare and expensive flowers all over the world, have a look at some of the expensive flowers everyone would want to use in their wedding as under:

Kadupul flower

The first flower that falls under this category is the Kadupul flower and the cost is often regarded as priceless for the same. Technically it is a cactus, which is only found in Sri Lanka and it remains a top choice for anyone to have in his or her wedding. These are simply stunning and of white blossoms during the nighttime, while it survives for a few hours only which means it ends up catching the best glimpse all across the world. Interestingly, these are never seen on sale as they remain the mythical species that remain priceless.

Juliet Rose

The other expensive flower on this list is called Juliet Rose, which cost you around £10 million. The aroma of this flower is as sweet as any other rose but the high cost makes all the difference. This makes it very rare and was last sold at a whopping cost of 15.8 million USD after it was seen getting harvested for not less than 15 years.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

The other expensive flower in this list is the flower called orchid, which blooms once every 4 or 5 years. It cost you around 160,000 USD in the year 2005. The scientists have invested around eight long years in cultivating the flower and the last time it was auctioned it went to cost around £160,000, which remains among the most expensive flower ever sold.

Orchids, lilies, and moonflowers. These flowers remain the 100-year-old ficus that cost you around £80,000. It comes along with a strange blend, however, these flowers when was sold last time it obtained a whopping cost of £80,000. The last time one could see in the wedding celebration was in a single wedding bouquet. It is developed with a root of a 100-year-old ficus that remains surrounded by some gorgeous white flowers, while the bouquet also contains the 90 2-carat ruby facets along with the 9 one-carat diamonds that comes with the 21.6-carat star ruby.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

It is among the endangered species which cost you around £3,800. These are found at the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia and remains the rare and expensive flowers in the film. It can even take not less than 15 years to bloom that’s why the cost goes on increasing and the last time we saw its cost, it was not less than £3,800 price tag.

So, this is our list of expensive flowers in the world, what is yours? Do share.