/Most Expensive Medical Treatments

Most Expensive Medical Treatments

With the skyrocketing healthcare services cost in the developed nations and other parts of the world, it has become difficult to survive with lethal medical conditions. Even the insurance companies are not able to offer support for dreaded medical ailments as they charge higher insurance premiums that keep on multiplying with every passing year. Being a person related to the medical tourism industry, I very well understand the complexity of the medical conditions and their treatment options. These tend to remain too expensive not just in the US but also in other parts of the world. I have enlisted a few expensive medical treatments along with the medical conditions that remain too expensive, have a look:

Cardiac Treatments

There are several medical conditions related to the heart that I feel are very tough to deal. The higher the complexity, the higher would be the cost making the cardiac surgery to be extremely costly. The cost incurred to hospitalization, diagnostic tests, treatment cost and other things related to the treatment of cardiac conditions cost a lot. As per my study, the success rate is also low for the cardiac conditions. The total cost for cardiac treatment has cost 317 billion USD in the US alone. An average treatment cost for cardiac surgery is not less than 70K to 90k USD, which is huge.  Some of the cardiac conditions that can lead to trouble include high cholesterol, high BP and other things.

Broken Bones and other Physical Injuries

The other expensive medical condition I feel is the broken bones and other physical injuries. As per reports, one out of every five patients suffers from the physical injuries of serious kinds. As per reports, 37 million USD is invested in these medical condition treatment and 2.6 million people are admitted every year that can cost around 76 billion USD every year for the physical injuries and breaking bones treatment. The age group that marks the highest in this is the elderly people. I have seen the cases of hip and other joints issues that cost a lot in their treatment.


The other dreaded medical condition I feel is cancer that consumes a huge amount of money for the treatment. This may surprise you that it comes in the third position with the treatment of 50 Billion USD for the treatment of different types of cancer. In fact, the cancers include breast cancer, colorectal cancer, non-melanoma skin cancers, and neoplasms that constitute that hefty amount for their treatment. Luckily the number of people losing life with these dreaded diseases have gone down in the past few years, thanks to state of the art treating methods available in the medical sciences.

Mental and Behavioral Disorders

The other treatment that cost more as per my studies is the mental and behavioral ailments. The depression is regarded as the key player in this domain while the other developmental disorders include ADHD and anxiety together can cost around 123 billion USD last year. However, with initial consultations can easily avert these issues, yet these issues are increasing at an alarming rate.

Wrapping up

To conclude, I can add with ailments like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Elaprase is a treatment for Hunter syndrome, and Cinryze is a expensive medical treatments for angioedema, can cost exorbitant.