/Expensive Phone in 2020

Expensive Phone in 2020

It is barely two months to go and we are entering into the near 2020, the most awaited in many ways. Smartphones have come a long way, right from starting from the journey from 1995 to 2020 covering not less than 25 years in the market. There seems to be a huge transformation taking place in this field. Right from getting the new-age technologies like 5G network to adding artificial Intelligence seems to be adding up the spice making you excited about the same. But at the time, we also see them turning expensive if you gonna add features in it. How about catching up the expensive phones in 2020 as under:

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone

One of the most expensive phones to be launched in 2020 would Falcon SuperNova iPhone and it comes at a whopping cost of 95.5 million USD. The phone has one big 18-carat diamond that catches the eye of everyone. With the designs backed with diamonds, one can find it to be the most expensive phone on earth.

iPhone 5 Black Diamond

The other most expensive diamond to name in this list is the black diamond iPhone that comes at a whopping cost of 15.3 million USD. Since black diamond remains the rare one hence it is obvious to see that when it gets connected to a smartphone like this, it has to be the most expensive one on earth. Besides the diamond, the phone also has a gold plate in it that makes it be among the most expensive diamonds on the earth.

iPhone 3G King’s Button

The other most expensive diamond worth considering is the iPhone 3G King that comes at a cost of around 1.5 million USD. It has a high-quality diamond with 6.6 carats and it adds the right amount of beauty along with rose gold out there making it an expensive choice for the users to have. Besides, it also has 18 carats gold plates in it making it a worthy and expensive phone to consider.

GoldVish Le Million

The other expensive mobile phone that remains costly is GoldVish Le Million that cost around 1.3 Million USD. It was designed by Emmanuel Gueit and it was launched in the gorgeous nation of Switzerland. We can find in it the 18 carats of gold in it along with 120 carats of diamond in it.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

This phone is also among the costliest phones on earth that goes with the cost of around 1.3 million dollars. It is made up of complete platinum with an 18-carat gold navigation key wherein we have 28 diamonds pieces that are placed having 25.5 princess diamonds that are seen fixed in these devices.

Wrapping up

There are many other smartphone devices that remain the most expensive ones in 2020. These include Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot of 1 million USD, Vertu Signature Cobra of 31,000 USD, Black Diamond VPN Smartphone of 300,000 USD, and iPhone Princess Plus worth 176,40 USD.