/Why women love and collect luxury/expensive shoes

Why women love and collect luxury/expensive shoes

This article is especially for those men who have never ever understood why women love to collect so many expensive shoes. A woman’s love for her shoes has been known for time immemorial. Most of the women love collecting different types of shoes. They are never tired of it because they never seem to feel they have enough.

It is really amazing because most of the time many of her shoes would not have seen daylight for a long time. It is difficult to understand why do women need to buy more and more shoes when they do not use them. According to a recent study, during recession when the sale of all the items went down, the sale of footwear actually went up. The shoemakers must thank all the ladies around the world who are mad about shoes.

From historical times, women have always been fashion conscious. Most women love dressing up and grooming. Many fashion brands also design their products keeping women in mind. Fashion plays an important part, especially in today’s world.

Today’s society is influenced by physical appearance of the person. We judge people by their clothes and other accessories. Women understand this. They know well that shoes play an important role in enhancing the overall personality. Good shoes matched well with the dress and other accessories like bag, etc help women boost their confidence and win friends. And when woman has stepped out of her house to carve her own identity in the professional world, her confidence is boosted by her appearance and fashion comes to her aid.

Most of the men think that shoes are the least noticeable accessory since they are worn on feet. Women think differently. For a woman, shoes are as important as her dress. They make the dress complete. In fact, they believe that shoes compliment their dress. That is why; women tend to keep different varieties of shoes to match with their different dresses.

Women buy shoes not only to suit their dresses but also to suit an occasion and situation. For example, they have different shoes for office wear while different for party wear. Today, women have lots of options available in the market. They can choose from keds and sneakers that are meant for comfortable wear to stilettos that are meant for people who enjoy wearing high heels. Not only styles, shoes also come in different colors. They can easily choose shoes of different shades that can go well with their personality, sense of style, dress, or mood. The styles of the shoes are ever-increasing. As long as women remain mad about shoes, there will be no end to the creativeness of a shoe designer.

Shoes also sometimes reveal the personality of women. Women with carefree and cool attitude prefer flat shoes or sandals while more stylish and trendy go for high heels. Another favorite among the ladies are the strappy sandals. They are comfortable and can be worn either to work or to some leisure activities. Many women prefer it because of the comfort that they provide. The straps look cool and pretty.

Thus, the relationship of women with their shoes is extraordinary. They do not consider it as a mere luxury, but a necessity which grows with trend and time. The shoe market exists because of the women. Although not understood by any man, the passion and love of a woman for her shoes is immortal and also justified for expensive shoes.