/Expensive Things Every Person Wants To Own

Expensive Things Every Person Wants To Own

Everyone aspires to be rich and the obvious reason is that they own the expensive stuff on this planet. With gaining money with different sources and becoming rich, people tend to own a number of things that remain too expensive. However, it would be interesting to know what are a number of things one would first like to own as soon he or she becomes rich. For me, I have a list of a few expensive things every person want to own like me, have a look at them as under:

A convertible

The first expensive thing anyone would like to buy would be a cute BMW Z3.  Everyone loves to have a blast driving with this car around the city. But featuring the higher and expensive maintenance cost only a few would think to do so. However, owning a car a convertible can help you to curtail these things and enjoy a good drive over the busy and secluded highway. The other most expensive stuff one would like to buy can be Mazda Miata having a stick shift. Mrs. RB40 can help you get your own car if you intend to be at the Uber everywhere. So, when you are rich you do not worry much about having several cars and all the relevant expenses.

A beach house

The other interesting and expensive stuff to buy and enjoy is to live in a beach house. Well, that may sound very good and one can love to have the beach house as well. Having a vacation house can be restricted to wealthy people but I feel that it can be more accessible with the advent of VRBO and Airbnb. In fact, you can even make money out of it and thus can have it as an important source of income source after your retirement for being an Airbnb host. Buying a beach house based in Hawaii can be always a worthy option to try and end up getting a long term goal.

Weekly massage therapy

The other expensive thing you would like to own when you turn rich is to have a salon to get you regular massage therapy. This can help your sore shoulders to ease up along with helping you get rid of the stress that you get over your face. This would help in getting full time. I would rather spend over 12  hours on your PC back over them. Anyway, you would like to weekly massage in order to help you relax with my shoulders and neck.

A heated swimming pool and hot tub


The other expensive stuff one would need after becoming rich is getting the heated swimming pool along with a hot tub. You may visit the lounge in the pool on a daily basis and can have the pool movie parties. Mrs. RB40 seems to have a pool over her backyard when she seemed young and she would love one again. Over the hotel in Cancun, one can find the heated pools as they seemed too nice and it becomes simpler to swim and does not have to deal to get into the shock.