/Expensive things to do in India

Expensive things to do in India

India is regarded as a huge country and it comes with a diverse kind of population along with gigantic cities, sprawling size landscapes, and different types of climates along with different ecosystems. At the same time, it has different expensive things to do which comes up with different types of luxury things to do. With luxury, you end up getting expensive things to do, well, how about checking few expensive things to do in India which is mostly possible when you take a leisure trip as under:

Enjoy a Private Dinner at the Mehrangarh Fort

One of the expensive things to do in life in India is to visit the golden-hued Mehrangarh Fort, which is considered the jewel of Jodhpur. You can enjoy the best views of this historic landmark place while having your private dinner with the Director of the Mehrangarh Museum. This evening concludes with a private walking tour that comes with generous pours of Champagne. You can even find some of the essences of the Rajasthan itinerary.

Go for a Hot Air Ballooning over the Pushkar Camel Fair

Every November, one can see a sea of visitors flock to Rajasthan city in its small-town Pushkar. For the best views, this small but gorgeous city is during the vibrant festivities of this place. These include participating in camel beauty contests and races and the hot air balloon that makes all the difference. With the hot air balloons, it offers the best perspective on this small city for the Pushkar Camel Fair.

Private Bollywood Film Screening

The next expensive thing you can enjoy is to catch the film cities for a shooting. Right from enjoying good food with the celebrities to doing a number of other things, this appears to be a costly affair, which you can try in India. You have some of the best experiences while renting out a cinema for private screening as well with the celebrities, which remain an ultimate thing for you.

Visit Delhi with Celebrated Author William Dalrymple

The next thing you can do is to visit the National Capital and take a stroll with the Award-winning author William Dalrymple who has spent around three decades in the country. This is the place where the author has stayed for a long and has jotted down his masterworks including the City of Djinns. He is based in Delhi and often offers the visitors to get a colorful metropolis trip with incredible, and personal tours taking you inside the heart of the city. You can find a number of itineraries with the family tour in order to experience the very true heart of the country.

Private Polo Matches

The next thing you can enjoy doing private things is to try private polo matches in Delhi or Jaipur. You need to first register for a private polo session in order to test your athleticism and blow off some of the steam. You can enjoy the same playing along with elephants as well.

Wrapping up

There are several other things you could do including meeting the Bollywood stars, catch a private snake race in Kerala, trip to a wine company, visiting different retreats, and so on.