/Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon Retires From DJing – Robb Report

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon Retires From DJing – Robb Report

The CEO of Goldman Sachs has long moonlighted as a DJ, but it seems like the finance exec’s time behind the booth has come to an end.

David Solomon has officially retired from DJing—at least publicly, The Guardian reported earlier this week. He hasn’t performed at a high-profile event in more than a year, and the most recent post on his music Instagram page is from November 2022.

“David hasn’t publicly DJed an event in well over a year, which we have confirmed multiple times in the past,” Tony Fratto, a Goldman Sachs spokesperson, said in a statement. “Music was not a distraction from David’s work. The media attention became a distraction.”

DJ D-Sol, as Solomon is known in the music world, was a fixture on the electronic-music scene, playing gigs at New York clubs, Bahamas tiki bars, and even the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. Since 2018, though, he has held the top spot at Goldman, and reports suggested that the bank’s board was concerned about his music career distracting him from his 9 to 5. Over the past few years, his DJing has also earned him some bad press: The Guardian noted that he played at a Hamptons event in 2020 that was criticized for not adhering to social-distancing guidelines in effect at the time.

At Goldman, Solomon took an almost 30 percent pay cut last year, after the company experienced a difficult stretch that led to some of the most layoffs in its history. And this week, the bank announced that its third-quarter earnings had dropped by a third when compared with Q3 2022. This year, net earnings for the quarter sat at $2.1 billion, while the same time period last year saw totals of $3.1 billion.

Given that he’s stepping back from DJing, Solomon will be able to focus solely on the fallout from that news—although his personal Instagram page still promotes his music career in the bio, which reads “Dad | Day job @goldmansachs | DJ @davidsolomonmusic.” So perhaps DJ D-Sol is simply taking his musical talents into a more private sphere: backyard soirees instead of booming nightclubs. We can get down with that. 

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