/A Guide to Fit Exterior Shutter Styles to Your Home’s Architectural Design

A Guide to Fit Exterior Shutter Styles to Your Home’s Architectural Design

Exterior Shutters Tie it all Together 

Do you feel like your home’s exterior is missing something? It needs something to tie it all together and make the design feel finished. The missing puzzle piece you are looking for is a set of exterior shutters. Exterior shutters are aesthetic features that frame the windows in order to extenuate your home’s existing style. They add curb appeal and finish out your exterior design in a clear, eye-catching way.

Exterior shutters are typically made of three different things: vinyl, cedar, and aluminum. Vinyl shutters are the most common type because they are inexpensive and easy to find. These shutters are painted and can be found in a wide variety of different shapes and styles. Cedar shutters are a more high-end option. They are made from cedar wood and can be painted or stained. These shutters are often custom-made in the size and style that you want. Aluminum shutters are a unique option that is not painted but instead are coated with a colored powder.

You are probably wondering, “How do I know what kind of shutters I need?” The answer to that will depend on what kind of building you have. Shutter types are going to be different for metal garages, church buildings, Farm Buildings, steel building homes, and prefab metal buildings.

Which Shutter Do You Need?

The shutter style you need is dependent on the type of building you have, as well as the style of your building. A church building will not need the same style of shutters as a steel building home. However, not all steel building homes need the same shutter styles. If your steel building home is a colonial-style home, it would need a different shutter-style than a French country-style steel building home. So, by keeping the building type and the building style in mind, you will be able to pick the ideal shutter style for your building.

What are the different building styles?

  • Cape Cod Style Buildings 

Cape Cod buildings and homes are often one and a half stories tall. Sometimes that is only one story or are two stories tall, but this is uncommon. These buildings have high, steep roofs, and their focal point is a central chimney made of stone or brick.


Two different shutter styles are commonly used on Cape Cod-style buildings. They are, most commonly, the board and batten shutter, with the second most common style being the louvered shutter.

  • French Country Style Buildings 

French country homes have an old-world charm that draws people to them. They typically have multiple rooflines to give them more character, and the design is usually asymmetrical. These buildings have tall, narrow windows. This sets them apart from modern trends.

The only shutter style typically used on French country-style buildings is the board and batten style shutter.

  • Steel Building Style Homes 

Barndominiums head the steel building home trend. They are characterized by a modern, rustic look. These buildings are often accentuated with large porches and ironwork. The majority of the time, they are only one story and are open concept.

Metal building windows tend to be narrow. For this reason, louvered shutters are most commonly used in metal building homes. Board and batten shutters are the second most common option.

  • Colonial Style Buildings 

Colonial-style homes and buildings are unique in that they are designed to look uniform. They are characterized by strong, straight lines, a clear rectangular shape, and obvious symmetry. Another important feature is that they are always two or more stories tall. These buildings look regular and are well suited for governmental purposes.

Two different kinds of shutters are used on these buildings. On the bottom level, panel-style shutters are used. Louvered shutters are used on any of the upper levels. If you do not use panel shutters on the lower level, louvered shutters can be used for increased uniformity.

  • Craftsmen’s Style Buildings

Craftsmen-style buildings and homes are quaint and simple. They are characterized by clean horizontal lines and thick white trim. These homes and buildings also feature low-pitched gables and large covered porches.

Mission style shutters are most commonly used on Craftsmen style houses, but you will also see louvered shutters and Bermuda style shutters used. It all depends on the homeowner’s particular tastes.

The Three Main Shutter Types

Now that you know what shutter types go with each style of building, here are the different shutter types you can pick from for your metal garages, church buildings, farm buildings, steel building homes, and prefab metal buildings.

  • Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are the most popular shutter style. They have angled slats and are rectangular in shape. These are the most recognizable shutters.

  • Board and Batten Shutters

Board and batten-style shutters are simple. They are composed of four vertical boards held together by one or two horizontal cross boards. They have a more rustic look.

  • Bermuda Shutters

Bermuda shutters look similar to the louvered style. The only differences are that they are often wider and they attach to the top of the window instead of the side.

Make Your Architectural Dreams Come True

Having the right shutter style can make or break your building or home. This is because shutters are what tie everything together. They complete your home’s design. There are three main shutter styles to choose from: louvered, board and batten, and Bermuda. Each one complements different architectural styles. It is important to choose the right one for your building’s specific architectural style.

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