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Introducing the Gift That Keeps You Connected…No Matter Where You Are – Robb Report

Given the always-connected nature of our daily lives, “getting away from it all” is a lot harder to accomplish than it used to be. Successful disappearing acts, as they were, aren’t impossible; they simply require trips to far-flung locales or to areas so sparsely populated that you can’t help but find yourself off the grid. Now, we must admit that with today’s constant pressure to always check and respond to emails or texts, going “off-grid” has its perks—but only until a lucrative business deal, an important personal correspondence, or a medical emergency requires you to reach the outside world. In those instances, the inability to connect can be harrowing, but that’s where the Iridium GO! exec can help.  

The latest product created by the company that operates the world’s only truly global mobile voice and data satellite communications network, the Iridium GO! exec delivers reliable connectivity in a powerful package (and at an appealing price point). The luxurious yet practical gift is perfect for the jet-setter or outdoor enthusiast in your life who craves mobile, reliable communications.  


“When we launched the Iridium GO! nine years ago, our vision was to allow anyone with a smartphone to stay connected when they were off the grid,” explains Matt Desch, Iridium’s CEO. “We’ve now turbocharged that capability. There’s nothing like this device for businesses, governments, or consumers who want to stay productive beyond terrestrial coverage.” 

Once users connect their devices over Wi-Fi—or, if they prefer, by way of the Iridium GO! exec’s built-in ethernet port—they’ll be able to experience the industry’s most capable, ultra-portable, battery-powered solution for global connectivity. In fact, the Iridium GO! exec’s diminutive size allows it to easily fit in a backpack, which means users can comfortably carry it with them at all times and in virtually any environment.  

The Iridium GO! exec also functions as a standalone device, allowing users to make calls using its built-in speakerphone or to initiate an SOS signal even if a user’s smart device runs out of power. Sporting a robust battery, the device can even transform into a power bank giving users the ability to charge their smartphones or tablets through a dedicated USB-C power output.  


Whether you’re desert-trekking through the Sahara or sailing a charter yacht to dramatic locales in far flung areas of the world, as long as you have the Iridium GO! exec in tow—you’re only as disconnected as you want to be. Better still, the device can act as a backup connectivity source, allowing you to stay on the grid at home should inclement weather interfere with local cell towers or satellite broadband connections. 

In other words, disconnecting has its merits, but so does reconnecting. And with the Iridium GO! exec, you can easily do both. . . no matter where your journey might take you.  

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