/Iranian Ballistic Missiles Strike Facilities In Iraq

Iranian Ballistic Missiles Strike Facilities In Iraq

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said they attacked “espionage centers” and “gatherings of anti-Iranian terrorist groups” with ballistic missiles near Iraq’s northern city of Erbil, according to Iranian state media reports late on Monday that were cited Reuters.

There were “no U.S. facilities impacted by Iranian ballistic missiles” that struck facilities in Erbil, Iraq, a U.S. defense official told The War Zone Monday afternoon. “There were no injures or damage to infrastructure” at the U.S. facilities located in that city in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region.

Explosions were heard and seen some 40 kilometers northeast of Erbil, three security sources said, in an area near the U.S. consulate as well as civilian residences.

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Exactly what the targets were remains unclear and it certainly isn’t the first time the region has come under direct attack by Iranian ballistic missiles. The area was reportedly struck by Iranian ballistic missiles in March 2022. Today’s attack, however, comes as tensions are at their most extreme in years. The October 7th attacks on Israel by Hamas and the war that has ensued has drastically inflamed simmering hostilities in Middle East. On top of that, the crisis around the Red Sea has turned into a two-way shooting conflict between Iranian-backed Houthi fighters in Yemen and the U.S. and the U.K. that doesn’t look like it will be ending soon.

This is a developing story. We will update it when more details emerge.

Update: 6:03 PM Eastern –

Kuridish business owner Peshraw Dizayee, whose house was hit in the IRGC ballistic missile attack has died, according to the Rudaw English news outlet.

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