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Largest website hosting companies

I have come across many companies that exist in the market promising a number of hosting infrastructure to support more than 2 billion portals online today. Whether you want to have a website to grow your business or want to have your presence felt for people know to you, then you certainly need website hosting company for it. There are many companies that are known for giving better performances. Some of the companies are biggest while other remains average. Let me start checking the largest website hosting companies

Go Daddy

This company constitute 15 per cent of total websites found on the World Wide Web. The company has dominated more than two decades. It has been the first choice for almost of everyone who think of registering a domain. The company boasts more than 77 million domain names that are managed by 8,000 employees found all across the world. The company also has its hosting leader called Media Temple along with having popular Host Europe Group, which specializes in a user-friendly and affordable domain registrations and shared hosting. The domains available for first year is free and then it becomes chargeable to 14.99 USD per annum.

Amazon Web Services

As per reports, around 8.9% of Websites are registered with this web services. It ranks high when it comes to the list of largest hosting providers. The cloud hosting web services also have other services to avail including getting the web hosting and services that remain more than 90 in the market. These include cloud computing, database, networking, storing, analytics, deployment, mobile developer tools, Internet of Things and many more. The domain from Amazon Web Services can cost you around 12 USD per annum.

Google Cloud Platform

Like the Google and Amazon, Google comprises of 7.3 percent of websites of the world. It is made with the internal infrastructure, which is known for powering the known most highly trafficked websites in the world. It carries out the public cloud infrastructure and the G Suite along with the enterprise versions of different operating systems like Android, APIs and Chrome OS for machine learning along with the mapping services. It charges 12 USD per annum for domains. The company provides more than 90 services on demand. These include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, analytics, machine learning, storage, and mapping. It was launched in the year 2008 and remain easily accessible in late 2011 turning a pioneer in this field.

1 &1

The company has around 6.7 % of websites and is based in the US. It is the fourth largest company when it comes to hosting provided in the world. The Germany based hosting company is known to have a global appeal for having well round suite of services that are found at affordable cost and services. The company has more than 7000 employees all across the world and known to offer their services in around 10 nations including the entire the US and Europe. It has embarked upon 19 million names since 1998 ever since it originated.