/‘Like a Child, Except Much More Serious’

‘Like a Child, Except Much More Serious’

MSNBC legal analyst and former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann joined Jen Psaki Monday to discuss the legal ramifications of footage where former President Donald Trump held a gun on a campaign stop in South Carolina.

The Trump campaign walked back statements on Monday that Trump bought a Glock handgun while in South Carolina for a campaign stop. In a video posted on social media, Trump was seen holding the firearm and saying that he “wants to buy one,” which would be illegal since he is currently charged with 91 felony counts.

“It’s unfathomable that you’re sitting here having that conversation,” said Weissmann. “He has been on air today about possessing a firearm.”

Weissmann continued that the magistrate judge told Trump that the most important thing to do when on bail is to not commit another crime. “Well, it is a crime for somebody who is charged with a felony to receive a gun. There are pictures on Twitter of him holding the gun,” said the MSNBC legal analyst.

“Does he need a receipt?” questioned Psaki. “His campaign came out and said he didn’t purchase it.”

“The law is not that you can’t buy a gun,” said Weissmann. “922(n) is that you cannot receive a gun that has traveled in interstate commerce. That just means that it’s traveled across state lines.”

Weissmann noted that the Glock Trump was holding in footage must have traveled across state lines “because they’re either made overseas or they’re made in Georgia, but they’re not made in South Carolina.”

“So even not purchasing it, he could have violated,” Psaki replied.

“Exactly, and that happens a lot,” Weissmann said.

“The issue here is not that he would be charged with that separate offense,” the MSNBC legal analyst continued. But rather that Trump “has flagrantly boasted about doing something,” illegal.

Weissmann noted, “It’s like a child, except it’s much more serious because it’s somebody who’s out on bail on 91 felony counts.”

“Yes, you don’t get to live by a different set of rules,” Psaki concluded.

Elsewhere, Weissman broke down his arguments on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Read those excerpts below.

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