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Michter’s Drops Two New Whiskeys – Robb Report

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Michter’s is known for releasing some highly collectible whiskeys, like its Toasted Barrel series, 10-Year-Old Bourbon and Rye, and the ultra expensive Michter’s Celebration. Add these two new whiskeys to the list. You’ll have to take a close look at the back label to find the Michter’s name listed, however, and here’s why.

The first whiskey is called Shenk’s Homestead, named in honor of John Shenk who, according to the brand, founded a distillery in 1753 that would eventually become known as Michter’s after many years of changing ownership and other twists and turns. This whiskey has been released annually since 2018, and the 2023 expression is a sour mash whiskey made with a high percentage of rye in the mashbill—apparently there’s not enough corn in the recipe to make this a bourbon—as well as a portion of malted rye. It was aged in two different types of barrels: toasted and charred American oak that was air dried for 18 months, and toasted French oak barrels made from wood from the Vosges region of France that was air dried for 24 months. Tasting notes describe nougat, dried fruit, honey, and chocolate on the palate. It was bottled at 91.2 proof.

The second whiskey is called Bromberger’s Declaration. This is a 108-proof bourbon named after the distillery that preceded the original Michter’s distillery in Pennsylvania. This whiskey has also been released annually since 2018, and the 2023 expression, like Shenk’s Homestead, also uses some malted rye in the mashbill. Some of the bourbon was matured in Chinkapin oak, which is native to the Midwest, that was air dried for a full three years before being made into barrels that were toasted and charred. Tasting notes describe molasses, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and baking spice on the palate.

You can find both of these whiskeys available to purchase from websites like Caskers, although check to see if you’re buying the 2023 version because these are just rolling out nationwide. And if you’re interested in hunting down the new Michter’s Toasted Barrel Rye, the 2023 release is available now as well.

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