/Most Expensive Air Craft

Most Expensive Air Craft

Flying today in a plane can be a painful experience as you have to wait long hours in the airport to clear security and other formalities. This can make you stranded for long hours making you frustrated. Then you face an irritating passenger beside you can find enough reasons to vent out the frustration. However, when it comes to comfort, only the chartered planes can give you that comfort. This makes you people to have the expensive aircrafts that they use to fly without any hassle and move around as per their whims and fancies. How about checking out the list of the most expensive aircraft as under:

B-2 Spirit

When it comes to counting upon the expensive airports, B-2 Spirit happens to be the most expensive one. It was launched in the year 1989. It costs around 737 USD, while if you intend to you it you have to pay a whopping 135000 USD per hour. It can fly the range of 6000 nautical miles per hour and it has to be refueled every six hours. The top speed of this expensive aircraft is 1010 km per hour.

Air Force

The next one to be included in this list include Air Force One, which happens to be a triple decker having the 4,000 square feet of space. This offers the passengers enough leg room to stretch their legs. The expensive aircraft can speed up to 650 miles per hour. It has also several medical facilities meant to address the medical emergencies, and thus an operation theater can be carried out easily. It has several features and it can easily survive meteor strikes, earthquake, and even a nuclear war. It has high end heat-seeking missiles, ECM (electronic countermeasures), and runs with radar-jamming technology. It also has mid-air refueling abilities and you can find the plane getting refueled even at the height of 35,000 feet. It cost around 660 Million USD


This plane has the capacity of 295 passengers, while it can travel 7400 nautical miles per hour. It came into the service with Air France in 1993 and thus emerged among the highly expensive flying machine. It cost you around 600 USD. Talking about the features of this plane, one can find the improved A340-300 Enhanced version along with having advanced fly-by-wire backed with avionics systems and newer CFM56-5C4/P engines. The top speed can boost up to 871 KM per hour.

Airbus A380

This highly expensive happens to be a wife body plane with double-deck carrying four engines. This plane is owned by Saudi prince that has a pray room apart from having a stable for horse, camels and a garage for cars. It is among the largest commercial aircraft in the world having massive dimensions and it can even accommodate in several airports refurbishing their facilities. It can cost you around 570 USD.

Wrapping up

There are some other aircrafts that can be included in this list, but when it comes to expensive ones, these are some of the costly ones. So, what do you feel about the same.