/Most Expensive Auctions Till Date

Most Expensive Auctions Till Date

The world witnesses different kinds of auction. These include the rare and expensive paintings, garments, manuscripts, musical instruments, antiquity, car, diamond, jewelry, and many more similar items. However, if value them in terms of money some of them go at a whopping cost. It expects a whopping cost in between 6.2 million USD, while 9.2 million USD has been given to auction made for the birds of America reaping 6.2 to 9.2 million USD for the book or manuscript and so on. If you are wondering as to what are the most expensive auctions that have been made to-date, have a look at these as under:


Let’s start with paintings, the first one to name in this list include Pablo Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust painting sold at the whopping cost of 106.5 million USD in the year 2010. It was created in the year 1932 and was sold at the cost of $106.5 million dollars, which was previously owned by a California philanthropist. The piece of art would be seen beating the painting at a whopping $104.3 million and then came the”Walking Man I.” painting that was sold at an astounding cost of $104.1 million.


The others in this category include Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” Dress which was auctioned at the cost of $1,267,500 in the year 1999. The suit belonged to President John F. Kennedy made at the bombshell cost with the flesh-colored, curve-hugging, along with the jewel-encrusted dress made so tight and sheer as per the legend. The fabric that was originally required to make the dress was seen getting at the cost of $12,000. The sources close to the president claimed that they paid twice the amount to get the fabric.


The manuscript that costs huge while getting auctioned to the world includes Leonardo da Vinci’s, Codex Hammer. It went at the Winning Bid of $30,802,500. This manuscript comprises of records and thoughts covering sketches found in journals found in the life of Leonardo Da Vinchi. It is a 72-page long journal that was written way back in 1717. It was Bill Gates the IT giant owner of Microsoft who procured the same at the whopping cost. After three years of his procurement, he proudly flaunted the digital version of the manuscript online to allow the world to enjoy the same.

Musical Instrument

The next expensive stuff that was auctioned at the whopping cost is a musical instrument called Guarneri del Gesù violin, which went on a huge winning Bid of $3.9 million. It belonged to the popular Italian craftsman. It is a 250-year-old musical instrument which was earlier purchased by a known Russian lawyer. Later it was seen getting played for the first time in 70 years by the man called Pinchas Zukerman from Israel at one of the private concerts based in Moscow.

Wrapping up

The other expensive stuff that was auctioned at a whopping cost includes Tresses from Elvis Presley at a winning bid of $115,000, Roman-era statue Artemis along with the Stag that went at the winning bid of $28.6 million, and the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa that went at the whopping cost of $12.2 million.