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Most Expensive Bikes

Most Expensive Bikes

Bikes have their own craze and people all across the world are seen getting lured to them. Then there are several luxurious companies all across the world that offers a wide range of bikes catering to the class that love to ride expensive bikes. These remain the symbol of pride, personality and luxury. The bikers owning the luxury bikes flaunt their luxurious and expensive bikes that trend over the social media becoming viral. At exorbitant, it would be interesting to catch the list of most expensive bikes, have a look as under:

Harley-Davidson – $1.9 million


If you love and crazy for the bikes then this is a perfect bike for you, which is designed by the man called Jack Armstrong. It has been sold at a whopping cost of around 1.9 million USD, which can shake anyone’s wallet. It has many things to offer at such an exorbitant cost, which include the robust six cylinder engine and thus offer the best speed. One of the most interesting elements is the style and design, while the color and look of the bike happens to be unique and interesting.

Ultra Rare Porcupine – 750,000 USD

Ultra Rare Porcupine

The name is more than enough, which is a rare breed in the biker’s community. Being rare, it has to be expensive, which can be bought at the cost of around 750,000 USD. This bike was designed and developed during the World War II, which is not just unique but interesting as well. Earlier, it was even showcased at the museum called National Motorcycle Museum. Currently, it comes out to be the second expensive bikes in the world.

Gold Plated Custom Chopper – 500,000 USD

Gold Plated Custom Chopper

The other expensive bike in this list is the Gold Plated Custom Chopper, which is has the whopping cost of around 500,000 USD. It is among the most gorgeous bikes on the road, while it come along with custom shapes and design along with metallic body that shines with a shiny place made up of gold. It can be flaunted both at the ramp and the street.

The legendary British classic black – 400,000 USD

The legendary British classic black

It has no match in this globe since it comes along with uniqueness and design besides the number of features it has. It has two cylinders with 250 cc performance, while it is produced in the UK. The bike come along with antique design and has one of the best production bike that are available at the cost of 400,000 USD.

Ecosse FE Ti XX – 300,000 USD

The other worthy bike to be considered in this list is this which cost you huge but will offer some of the best beauty and features. It has the 225 horsepower machine that comes along with aluminum engine. The bike has the titanium series, which has one of the best 250 MPH that makes people go crazy about this system.

Hildebrand Wolfmüller – 150,000 USD

Hildebrand Wolfmüller

The other expensive bike that gives you the best riding experience with a whopping cost is around 150,000 USD. The reason why it is very much expensive is the first motorcycle that comes along with the feature called 2-cylinder and 4 stroke engine.