/Most Expensive Books in the world

Most Expensive Books in the world

In the modern day world, there are many people who have started feeling that the existence of physical copies of different books is obsolete and unwanted. Luckily in the same world, there are sizable amount of people who still love the books in the physical existence and are convinced the other way round. Some of these books are really expensive all thanks to their huge enormous historical value, other remain with the high value of art. Well, let’s check some of the Most Expensive Books in the world ever sold in the market as under:

The Codex Leicester, Leonardo da Vinci — €29 million

The Codex Leicester, Leonardo da Vinci

It is indeed a huge value of money for any book that is merely 72 pages, which comes from the famous scientific journals from Da Vinci. It comprises of a number of handwritten musings along with theories written on a wide variety of subjects including the fossils, the causes of moon shine, movement of water and so on. In the year, 1717, Thomas Cook was the man to procure the manuscript of this book and later it turned out to become as Earl of Leicester, which gave the name of this manuscript. In the eighties, the manuscript was seen moving to the art collector called Armand Hammer. In the year 1994, the computer king, Bill Gates procured this journal by paying around 29 million Euros, which made the record of the most expensive book to be sold so far in the world. It makes sense to see the richest man in this world to have the costliest book on this planet.

Magna Carta (original exemplar) – €20.1 million

Magna Carta (original exemplar)

The other in this list belong to the one called Magna Carta Libertatum, also known as Magna Carta, which is basically a charter that was drafted by Archbishop of Canterbury and it was agreed by the King John of England. It was done to maintain peace between the rebel group and the between him. In the year 2007, we saw this very original copy of this expensive book was auctioned at a whopping cost of around 20.1 million Euros. As per the rumors, it was bought by David Rubenstein.

St Cuthbert Gospel – €13.4 million

St Cuthbert Gospel

The other book to be included in this list is St Cuthbert Gospel, which is also called as Stonyhurst. It happens to be a pocket gospel book, which was written by Latin from the eight century. One of the uniqueness of this book is that it happens to be the first book to have its book binding. In the year 2012, in an auction it was sold at a whopping cost of 13.4 million Euros.

Bay Psalm Book – €13.4 million

Bay Psalm Book

It is among the first printed book to be in the list of the most expensive book in the world, which was printed by British North America group in the year 1640 in Cambridge, USA. As per the rumors, only 11 copies of this book have been remaining in the market while at one of the auction in 2013, it was sold at this whopping cost of 13.4 million.


Besides, there are other costly books I the world, which include Rothschild Prayer Book – €12.6 million, Rothschild Prayer Book – €12.6 million, Birds of America, James Audubon — €10.8 million, and The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer — €7 million to name a few.