/Most Expensive Cigarettes

Most Expensive Cigarettes

Cigarettes are no more regarded as an inexpensive affair. Thanks to the added amount of surcharges and harsher excise taxes added on cigarettes by different nations, things have turned bad to worse for the smokers. In order to get an idea as to how much the cigarettes can be expensive today, we have enlisted below the most expensive cigarettes as under, have a look at it:


One of the most expensive brands in cigarettes includes Treasurer, which is manufactured by the England-based The Chancellor Tobacco Company.  It remains the most elusive in the market as these are made with premium quality materials. It cost around you around $67 and $60 per pack, which is a whopping cost.


It is regarded as one of the oldest cigarette brands in the global market. It is produced by Gallaher Group, which is a tobacco company having its base in the UK. It is owned by a company called Japan Tobacco, which remains the pioneer tobacco companies in this country. It produces premium quality cigarettes that are available in a variety of types. The cost can range from 5 to 12 USD per pack.


The next expensive brand to consider in the expensive list include Vogue, which is again owned by a British American Tobacco company. The brand is primarily popular among the women as these are made as per their requirements and tastes. When compared to other brands, Vogue remains the big light for obvious reasons, hence heavy chain smokers will not be able to enjoy this brand. The cost of this brand can range from 4 to 10 USD per pack.


The next expensive cigarette brand is called Parliament, which is owned by Altria, which happens to be the popular Marlboro brand. It is among the few cigarette brands, which are made up of the recessed paper filters. One of the key reasons why this brand is more popular is because the cigarette has the aficionados in it. It has rich and flavorful taste, while remains the most notable for being smooth giving you the right amount of kick. It cost around 7 to 12 USD per pack.


The next popular brand in cigarette that remains expensive includes Dunhill. A British American Tobacco company owns this brand that remains the largest tobacco companies in the world. Dunhill is known for its classy packaging, and not often readily available in a majority of places due to its high cost. These are rare to find. If you can easily afford this brand, it is often recommended to get it in bulk, The cost of Dunhill cigarettes is not less than 10 USD per pack. However, duty-free cigarettes can be obtained at 5 USD.


It is among the few brands that remain expensive for smokers. After all, it is a Swiss brand and it remains the most expensive one in the country.  Switzerland is often known for its luxury goods market which certainly includes this brand as well. It can cost you around 4 to 6 USD per pack.

Let us know which one is the brand of your most expensive cigarettes.