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Most Expensive Cigars

Smoking Cigars is often linked with the sign of wealth. It helps people flaunt their class, luxury and wealth. All these come along with confidence. Remember the indomitable Winston Churchill with his cigar, it did show his confidence in leading down the Nazi empire. People often smoke cigars while spending a good time with friends, while others craft specialist hands that are made from top quality leaves. Hence for all these reasons, we tend to get the cigar at a hefty cost tag. We have a wide range of cigars and it would be interesting to check the most expensive Cigars in the following paragraphs, have a look at these as under:

Mayan Sicars

This is amongst the most expensive cigars on earth that cost you around a whopping amount of money USD 507,000. This did cost the buyer around USD 507,000 at an auction. The vintage cigar was seen of 600 years old and discovered in 2012 in a small village in the region of Guatemala. These have been well-preserved in the area and one can still smoke them.  These cigars have origins in Maya civilization, while the Mayans were called as people having a good taste in smokes. They have been believed to make cigars since the 12th century. Christopher Columbus was the first man who carried them to Europe.

Gran Habano No. 5 El Gigante

The next most vital and expensive cigar includes Gran Habano, which costs around USD 185,000. This is regarded as the biggest cigar having a ring gauge of 1920 and is meant to have given during the trade shows. These cigars were made with around 1,600 pounds. Earlier, it was priced at USD 200,000 and one cigar can serve more than 40 people at a time.  The first one of this type that was made is around 19 feet long.

King of Denmark

The other big and expensive cigar in this list is of King of Denmark which costs you around 4,500 USD per cigar. It is a custom made cigar meant for people who love to have cool cigars. People have the choice of getting the gold foil with their names also inscribed on it. This can add precious metals along with diamonds as well. Every time you smoke it features the fancy humidor, which can cost around USD 8,500, which is being made by sterling silver with the 24k gold. The humidor is available at the cost price of 8,500 USD.

Gurkha Black Dragon

The other most expensive one includes Gurkha Black Dragon that can cost you around 1150 per cigar. These cigars were released in the year 2006 with limited edition and then turned out to be rare one these days. These are available in the size of around  52 inches with a length of 8.5 inches. These come along with a chest having carved with a camel bone. The wrapper, which is seen wrapping up is often made up of the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro.

Final Word

The others in the list include Gurkha His Majestys Reserve costing 758 USD per Cigar, Cohiba Behike of 450 per cigar, Fuente Don Arturo Anniverxario worth 451 USD per cigar, and Fuente Don Arturo Anniverzario worth 163 USD.