/The Most Expensive Coffee

The Most Expensive Coffee

We often know coffee to be a popular drink that boosts up our energy. We see people crazy about this drink all thanks to the successful coffee chains that struck this world. Well, in this fatal world, we have everything costing from minimal to exorbitant, and coffee is certainly not an exception. If you thought that only gold and diamonds remain the most expensive think again, we have even the coffee available at a huge price. We have a list of Most Expensive Coffee ones in this world, how about catching up the list as under:

Black Ivory Coffee

One of the expensive coffees is of course the black Ivory Coffee, which cost around 50 USD for one cup.  These are prepared by the mighty animals (elephant), which consume the Arabica coffee beans and then process the same for your digestion. Then we see their stomach acid breaking down into several bean proteins that offer attribute that enjoys the drink. It’s a rare collection that makes it expensive in any coffee chain to enjoy.

Finca El Injerto Coffee

The other most expensive coffee to check is the Finca El Injerto Coffee, which is again a rare and wealthy drink to enjoy with the small beans. You can enjoy the grain quality by enhancing by simply washing with the help of one channel and end up breaking the two twice. Despite its soaring rates, the coffee remains the most popular one that is favored by the coffee aficionados served all over the world. It usually cost you around 500 USD per pound.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

If you any coffee winning the maximum number of awards on the top place all across the world it is none other than the Hacienda La Esmeralda. These are cultivated over the Mount Baru in the region of Panama and found under the shades of guava trees. Again you can find it to be a rare kind of drink, which offers the life time experience for connoisseurs along with its cool taste backed with the rich flavor. It has bagged a whopping cost of $350.25 per pound in the recently held auction.

Kopi Luwak

You find this coffee being made at the country called Indonesia which was created by Asian Palm civets. These animals are seen consuming the coffee cherries along with ferment during the digestion. These get deposited over the coffee beans over their feces over where these are gathered and then processed. This coffee is known for its own interesting taste and made up with certain enzymes that are oozed out using the civet. It cost you around 160 USD per pound.

Saint Helena Coffee




The other coffee that remains popular is the Saint Helena Coffee , which cost you around 79 USD per pound. As per reports, the great warrior Napoleon Bonaparte too was a big fan of this drink and was even seen cultivating over his island that still goes for its name. Since then it has flourished in the market. We find this island located close to the Atlantic Ocean, which is at 1200 miles away from the western coast of Africa and still popular for this coffee.