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Most Expensive Computers

Most Expensive Computers

The cost of computers has changed a lot in a dramatic way over the years. When the computers were made, it took three decades for the makers to make it available in the market for the common people. They were huge machines and it took a truck to transport them before it got converted into small size desktops and then laptops. This is the reason why it was called personal computers of PCs as it belonged to one person rather than many considering its bulk size. Well, we have now reached to a stage when we find small and sleek computers that remain both inexpensive and Most Expensive Computers as well. There are several computers that remain very much costly, how about checking a few as under:

The Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop – $1 million

The Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop

When the group Luvaglio embarked upon to make one of the most expensive computers, they soon came out with an intriguing PC. At their first glance, it simply appeared not less than a costly case but as you check it from inside you get to see the tangible state drive, the inbuilt Blue-Ray player, MP3 players and other things. Also, we can find diamonds that are seen dotting the computer that include the one from power button and along with other body parts of the PC. A majority of the laptops are seen coming out with a warranty that claims to be a price tag but Luvaglio cost around $1 million cost.

Otazu Ego Diamond – $350,000

Otazu Ego Diamond

It is among the most costly laptops from the brand called Ego till date that has been shaped by the company. It has a designer handbag that is made up with luxe finishing and it starts with a cost of around 5000 USD. If you are keen on getting the super fancy one, the top to consider is the one called Otazu Ego Diamond. It carries a costly diamond of around 470 in total.

24k Gold MacBook Pro – $30,000

24k Gold MacBook Pro

The other in this list is A MacBook Pro, which is by itself is awesome one to consider. This device has been considered as a machine with one of the best exteriors, which are covered with the 24 carat gold. To top away the extravagant piece, which are made by the Computer Choppers, it has the bespoke high tech gadget company, while the laptop also carries the logo of Apple that come along with the ingrained diamonds found in multiple colors.

Ego for Bentley Notebook – $20,000

Ego for Bentley Notebook

With the brand Bentley’s name attached, it has to be very much costly. This laptop could be called as a result of 2008 collaborated in between the luxury products brand known as Ego along with the other big group from the UK called Bentley. This come along with stitched Bentley leather diamond and it is built with several color options, which is not less than 250 of some costly pieces.

1975 IBM Portable Computer – $19,975

1975 IBM Portable Computer

This may not be portable in the scientific community, but in terms of cost 1975 IBM Portable Computer is costly enough to be bought in the market. It has 5 inch CRT display and 240 KB storage a cartridge tape hard drive capacity.


So, which is your favorite or the one you aspire to buy, do comment about it and let us know!