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Most Expensive Diamonds

Though all diamonds are mined from the soil and earth, not all have the destiny to be converted into the priceless stones. It is formed at 500 km below the crust of our planet and has remained more than 3 billion years to get into the form of the diamond when carbon the key element of the stone is put under huge pressure and heat for years. The rare the diamond the higher is the cost. Over the years, I have been mesmerized by how diamond prices soar in the market. How about checking the list of the most expensive diamonds as I have put below:

The Koh-I-Noor

This remains the most expensive diamond on earth with the cost going up to 3 billion. It is a 105.6ct, with an oval shape and steeped in legend and mystery. The stone is supposedly believed to have been surfaced in India in early 1300. There seems to be controversy behind this priceless stone as the Indian alleges that Britain stole the stone from our country while it rightfully belongs to India. Britain had acquired the stone in 1850, while in 1852, Prince Albert was seen cutting it from 186ct to 105.6ct to boost up the brilliance and sparkle.

The Cullinan

The next most expensive diamond to name in this list is Cullina and the cost is estimated at up to $2 billion. It remains the largest diamond ever found that weighs around an incredible 3,106.75ct. It was discovered in Cullinan, South Africa in the year 1905 and hence has this name, while it was gifted to King Edward VII.

The Hope Diamond

The next most expensive diamond is the Hope Diamond, which is estimated to reach around $200-$250 million. As per the common beliefs, it was found in India in the early 1600 and was later in 1668 King Louis XIV bought this stone. It is a 45.42ct antique cushion cut diamond that happens to be Fancy Dark Gray-Blue in color. However, it was later stolen during the crown jewel looting in the year 1791 but later resurfaced in London in the year 1839.

The Centenary Diamond

It remains one of the rare diamonds on this earth and it is estimated to be around $100 million, which weighs around 500ct. It was later seen getting cut to a modified heart-shape, which weighed around 273.85ct. However, there seemed to be some amount of sacrifice in carat weight that helped in improving the color and clarity grade of this unique diamond. It took around 154 days for the highly skilled jewelers to design it perfectly with cutting them the best.

The Pink Star

The other to fall in this list is the Pink Star valued $71.2 million and it was mined in South Africa in the year 1999. It was earlier called the Steinmetz Pink and remains the largest diamond to have been graded with a Fancy Vivid Pink. It remains internally flawless, with an oval diamond shape and weights go up a huge 59.60ct.