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Most Expensive Dogs

Dogs remain the top choice when it comes to choosing any pet for your home. At least, I have it for me at my home. Dogs often are called the most precious things in our day to day lives and we care for them by keeping the shower on time with great affection and love. Like any other species in this world, dogs can be even more expensive and they tend to remain the most expensive one. Well, it would be interesting to see the list of most expensive dogs on this planet asunder have a look at them:


The first most expensive dog to consider in this list is Samoyed, which comes at the cost of 14,000 USD. It has its origin from Siberia and falls in the rare breed, which is popular for being kind, loving and eager. It is known to please the people around with its smiling face. It is also known to have a strong sense to run and roam for miles. They tend to remain brilliant, mischievous and social as well. These dogs are rare but remain in high demand.


The other most expensive dog on the list is none other than Lowchen, which costs you around 12,000 USD. This breed is more popular in Europe, particularly in France. It is regarded as the rare breed in the world with only 1973 present in the world, while at the moment only 65 are left from the registered list all across the world. It has a life of 13 to 15 years.

Chow Chow

The other most expensive dog I found worthy to enlist here is Chow Chow, which cost around $11,000. It happens to be the man who originated from Northern China and is regarded as the rarest and oldest breeds in the world. I plan to buy this dog, it happens to be the most expensive one. Besides, the other key reason why this dog is expensive is due to its expensive lifestyle in terms of the food it eats and the huge money you pay for the vet along with the health issues the animal faces.

Tibetan Mastiff

The other most expensive dog is Tibetan Mastiff that costs you around 10,000 USD. It is a massive size dog that has made its way to nations like the US and even Tibet that remains protected from dreaded animals like bears, leopards, and wolves. This animal can be easily reached for more than 150 pounds. This dog is often a relatively healthy one.


The other dog that remains expensive is Azawah and it cost around 9,500 USD. It originates from West Africa along with places like Middle Eastern and South Indian hounds. One of its breeds is also found in North America, which remains scarce in the country but of late we have seen this breed of a dog becoming more popular among the dog lovers who are looking for expensive dogs.