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Most Expensive Electric Vehicles

Most Expensive Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are now the buzz in the market for many reasons. These cars reduce the expenses on fuel and the overall cost of ownership reduces in a big way. For a majority of people, one can find several good things as well, however, people simply do not mind paying some premium for getting things flashier. Then there are people who are seen advertising about the fact how much money they have wasted in getting their vehicles. You need to think again about the designer labels and things they do not do in it. It would be interesting to see the list of the most expensive electric vehicles in the following paragraphs:


Rimac Nevera – The first and most expensive car in electric vehicles is Rimac which costs you around 2.5M USD. It falls under the production version of C. Now, one can find it speeding up in a monster way giving the huge blast of 60 miles per hour in just 1.8 seconds, while the top speed of the car can go up to 258 miles per hour. It has the capacity of covering 300 miles at a stretch and charging you for just 19 minutes. The idea of this car was first seen in the concept vehicle released in 2018 when the quad-motor setup was introduced.


Aspark Owl – The next electric vehicle to be included in this list includes Aspark Owl and it cost you a whopping $3.6 Million. It is among the electric cars that can challenge Rimac with similar features, and it has an electric motor of 1,985 HP and it comes with a torque of 1,475 lb-ft. It can get to the speed of 60 mph in just 1.72 seconds while the top speed of this car is 249 mph.


Genovation GXE – The next electric vehicle that can be included in this list is Genovation GXE and it is available at the cost of 750,000 USD. It has become one of the quickest street-legal electric cars seen in the world. The car has been redesigned in the name of Corvette Z06 C6, and thus the two can be called one and the same thing. The verified speed of the car remains 205.6mph and it seemed to have given competition to Rimac in some way or the other. You can easily obtain 130 miles of speed range with this vehicle under normal conditions.


Mercedes Benz SLS Electric Drive – The next in this list is SLS from the brand Mercedes Benz, which cost around 550K USD. It is available with 740 BHP and comes up with 737 LB per FT of torque and is backed with a 1200 LB battery. The complete carbon fiber monocoque makes it interesting. You can gain 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds and the top speed can be moved up to 155 MPH on paper thus giving competition to other similar cars from BMW and Audi. It is regarded as rough tough for being a heavy vehicle apart from being expensive. At the same time, SLS Electric Drive is also expected to be jotted down in history books.