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Most Expensive Fish

If you look at some rare and gorgeous fish in the aquarium, with colors as red and white called Peppermint Angelfish, you would be surprised to check the cost of the same as it comes to around 30k USD. Similarly, the royal Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray can cost you around 100,000 USD and so on. There is a long list when it comes to expensive fish. In this post, we will be discussing some of the most expensive ones in terms of money considering the rare kind of features and many more elements in it. Have a look at the list of the most expensive fish as under:

Platinum Arowana

The first one to name as the most expensive fish is Platinum Aquarium. which cost around 400K. This comes with a huge price cost when we compare the same with others. It is regarded as the rare genetic mutation that makes it expensive, while it remains in pristine white in color and feature. In Asia, people are seen boosting up the health along with pushing up the luck and prosperity while neutralizing the negative influences. This fish is considered as the monsters of the aquarium world, which tend to grow up almost as large in terms of humans in length. There are certain features that make it sought after fish. Read more about Fishing Puerto Vallarta.

Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

The other most expensive in the world of fish include the one called Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray, which cost around – $100,000. It comes with striking black and white stingray and said to be sold at a whopping cost of $100,000. These are found in oval shape bodies covered with white spots along with gray underside having no spots on it. These are known to have protruding eyes that help to see what is above them, while it also is known to have some special sensing organs around their nose and mouths that allow them to find electric fields generated by several other animals.

Peppermint Angelfish

The other most expensive fish include Peppermint angelfish, which cost around 30K named after the sweet peppermint known to have the vibrant red and white swirling color. The fish is known to have striped patterns, while the base of the fish seemed to be available in red or orange having white vertical stripes. These are found growing in three inches in size. These are usually found in the Waikiki Aquarium based in Hawaii, while many are seen offering the cost of around 30K.

Masked Angelfish


The other most expensive fish one can name in the list is of Masked Angelfish goes for around 20K. The scientific name of the fish is Genicanthus Personatus, which means an idolized reef fish that is extremely beautiful but at the same time, it appears to be very much expensive. The fish is known to have a brilliant marble white body having a black mask. While at the same time, it doesn’t have any crazy/colorful markings like any other popular species, and thus remains the most sought one. These are found mostly in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, apart from being the rare ones.

Bladefin Basslet

The other most expensive fish to count in this list is Bladefin Basslet, which cost around 10K USD. These are counted as more beautiful than the Golden Basslet. The name of the fish is due to its bold white color. Despite being the smallest fish in this list, it has remained the most expensive in terms of its size. Per inch of this fish cost huge. Thanks to the interesting features that make it the most expensive. These are available in vibrant colors as it comes along with red marks. This fish is mostly found at the depth of 500 feet and remains as the most tricky one to catch even in the aquariums.

Wrapping up

The other expensive fish in this list include Golden Basslet which costs around 8K USD, Neptune Grouper with the cost of around 6K, Australian Flathead Perch of around 5K, wrought iron butterflyfish of around 2700 USD, and Clarion Angelfish of around 2500 USD. These include the list of top expensive fish and the list goes on. If you have any other list to share, do comment, and let us know about your Puerto Vallarta Fishing.