/Most expensive Fruits in the world

Most expensive Fruits in the world

In earlier days, having fresh fruit was not less than a luxury. But as time passes, fruits turned less expensive with the passing day. Yet there are a few fruits that tend to remain expensive and not very much affordable for all. Except accessible to a few rich people who can afford the fruits. Well, today we would be discussing with you some of the most expensive fruits in the world, have a look at the same which I have collated for you at exorbitant:

Lost Gardens of Heligan Pineapple

The first to name in this list are the pineapples that are produced by Lost Gardens of Heligan, which are located at the southwestern part of England known as Cornwall, which has been known to be available at a whopping cost of $15,000. In a nutshell, we see the pineapples unable to thrive in the English climate, however, these are capable of growing very well with the help of human assistance

Ruby Roman Grapes

The next in the list of expensive fruits in the world is Ruby Roman Grapes, which are available at the cost of $1400. These are grown in Japan and each of the grapes is found of the ping pong ball that helps in setting things apart from the other grapes. These are combined with the brilliant red appearance, which simply means that with a single bunch of these grapes you have to pay not less than 4,000 USD.

Yubari King Melon

This fruit falls in the category of cantaloupe, which is grown in the Yubari city in Hokkaido, which is found in the northernmost of the major islands which make up Japan. It is a perfect example of the Yubari King, which is not just smooth-surfaced but at the same time, these are perfectly round. These are combined with the fact that one can find these fruits that tend to be bought in pairs for gifting during the festival called the Ghost Festival. It is no wonder that with a pair of these once managed can be sold at a cost of 1.6 million yen that is more than $10,000 in US dollars.

Square Watermelon

The next in this list is Square watermelon, which cost around $800. It is known to grow like a square watermelon in the square boxes that are otherwise more or less like any other watermelons. Yet their square shapes can make you feel the subjects of interest that is the key reason why people are interested in paying 800 USD, which can help in serving the subject of conversation during the dining table.

Densuke Watermelon

The next fruit that remains worth catching is Densuke Watermelon, which is available at the cost of $6,000. Again, these are found in countries like Japan, while it no more than 10,000 of them that are produced on a yearly basis. One fruit can cost you around 6000 USD, which is huge.

Wrapping up

These are some of the few expensive fruits in the world, do you have your own list, share them.