/Most Expensive Govt Buildings In India

Most Expensive Govt Buildings In India

It is usually said that you cannot just imagine what really goes through the heads of those who walk down over the corridors of power, but we are QueMag, which finds it very difficult to believe that your head would be often seen filled with something but wonder if you could be able to walk via the gorgeous building that is not just known for their beauty but at the same time the cost as well. How about enlisting some of the most expensive government buildings in India, have a look at these as under:

Central Secretariat Building, New Delhi

The building was developed in a Herbert Baker Style, which tends to fall in the Indo-Saracenic Revival category.  This magnificent building has some of the most vital ministries in having a few cabinet ministers’ offices here. It comprises of two different symmetrical blocks (North and South). The four columns seen over the front represent the British dominions of nations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru

The construction is supervised in a style called Kengal Hanumanthaiya with Neo-Dravidian. This is regarded as the key seat of the state legislature of the Indian state of Karnataka. It was completed in the year 1956 for a huge cost of 1.7 crores, while the front of the building is known to have the inscription ‘Government’s Work is God’s Work’. The beauty of the building seems to add up on Sunday and during the public holidays, when tend to remain illuminated.

Kerala Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram

The other most expensive building in India is this, which is made in a Barton Style architecture. The elements of Roman and Dutch architecture Home remain the most vital ministries and bureaucratic offices of the Kerala government. The building seems to have been completed in the year 1869 and was originally meant to accommodate the monthly Royal Durbar.

Writers’ Building, Kolkata

The next most expensive building in India is the Writers’ Building based in Calcutta. It is made by the architect called Charles Wyatt which tends to remain the secretariat building West Bengal government. The name has an interesting story, while the building is intriguing in nature it witnesses the myriad changing faces of our nation.

Raj Bhavan, Kolkata

The next most expensive building in India is Raj Bhavan, which is made by the architect Herbert Baker. It is built in a Neoclassical style with distinct Baroque overtones. It has been an important part of the country and acted as the official residence of the Viceroy of India before the Indian capital was later shifted to Delhi in the year 1911. Now, it has been converted into the official residence of the Governor of West Bengal.

Wrapping up

Besides the above list of expensive buildings in India, there are many more that can be listed here. Some of these include Attara Kacheri, Bengaluru, Raj Bhavan, Nainital, Ripon Building, Chennai, High Court, Chennai, and many more to name in this list. This is our list, what is yours, let us know more about it.