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Most expensive guitars

In this fatal world that remains mortal for everyone still has many things that remain expensive in an exorbitant fashion. This certainly includes the musical instrument as well like guitars. The fact of the matter is guitars can write history especially when they remain the part of top celebrities they also are expensive. Such expensive guitars can create history and the following guitars have done so for being expensive and deadly one. How about catching up the list of the most expensive guitars as under:

Fender “Reach Out to Asia” Stratocaster

This guitar is among the one that is not pre-owned by anyone but was, however, signed by many. These include the veteran musicians like Mick Jagger, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, and Paul McCartney to name a few apart from the fifteen other rock stars that have signed over it. This has, therefore, made the guitar not just valuable item but on the top of demand.  The money raised was used to support the victims of the Tsunami in Asia in 2004. It was created and sold for € 17,000 but was auctioned for € 2.3 million to emerge as the most expensive guitars on this earth.

John Lennon’s Gibson J-160 Acoustic Electric

The next expensive guitar to name in this list includes €2 Million. This was used by Gibson J and it has remained the long lost guitar on earth. It was used in different concerts, including the one called Roadie’s band in 1963, while later in 1967 it has two owners – Tommy Pressley and John McCaw who sold it at the cost of €145 and 2 million euros respectively.

Jimi Hendrix’ Fender Stratocaster

The next expensive guitar in this list is Jimi Hendrix’ Fender Stratocaster, which values around €1.67 Million. Earlier it was not that special or expensive until the owner Jimi Hendrix decided to make it. He converted the right-handed Start into a left-handed thus created history with his rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’. However, this guitar was lost mysteriously for a few years and finally came out when Microsoft’s Paul Allen got the same at the whopping cost of €1.67 million.

Bob Marley’s Washburn

The other expensive guitar is of Bob Marley called Washburn that cost you around €1 Million. It is now owned by Bob Marley who also had other six guitars that turned huge in terms of cost and value and can be found today at the Jamaican national treasures. Bob then gifted the guitar to his technician Gary Carlsen, who later in 2006 founded a charity in 2006 and later sold it off to the Jamaican Government for over €1 million for the charity work.

Keith Richard’s Gibson Les Paul Standard

The next most expensive guitar is the Gibson Les Paul Standard, which is owned by Keith Richard. It is found with the value of €840,000. The owners further helped the guitar to be counted among the holy grail of electric guitars. The owner used it to play different songs at different concerts and later sold it off at the whopping cost. It was also stolen and lost for some time.