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Most Expensive Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are becoming popular with the increase of horror movies and TV shows. So, the haunted houses are no more restricted to the Halloween season. Now, we can find many movies and reality shows that have been showcasing too many haunted houses. Have a look at some of the most expensive haunted houses as under:

The White House ($110 Million)

One of the first house to name the first in this list that remain the most expensive among the most expensive homes include The WHite House. The cost of the house is whopping 110 Million USD. Many talked about the ghost stories of the house, which include Abigail Adams (president John Adams’ hubby), talking about something Abraham Lincoln. Even the past presidents and the state heads of different places in the US too have felt about the presence of Lincoln. Also, there are stories about Thomas Jefferson along with British soldiers were seen with the violin.

Lalaurie House

The next home in this list include Lalaurie House claimed to be in the second position with the whopping cost of 2.3 Million USD. This may sound too less when compared to The White House, which is again for the obvious reasons. It was procured way back in 1831 at the said cost and have stories of many slaves inside that served during the time serving there. The Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage once owned this home and renovated this place and then sold at the said cost only.

The Surgeon’s House

The next home counted among the expensive haunted home in the world is The Surgeon’s House. This Arizona based home comes at the cost of 1.2 Million USD. The home was transformed into a hotel but many guests occupying the space at various junctures reported that they saw a maid ghost and couple dancing close to them and someone with a doctor’s bag. That made this home get this particular name.

Amityville House

The other haunted house to name in this expensive home list is Amityville House and it cost around 1.15 Million USD. This home was based at New York and it was reported with lots of books based on various topics along with having many films as well. It was in 1974, the owner of this home killed six of his family members while they were sleeping. He soon left the home and people around the home realized that there was dead bodies inside after a month or so with some putrid smell moving around the home. The home was shown in many movies as haunted home.

Kimbell Castle

There are many more such haunted homes that remain expensive. These certainly include Kimbell Castle, which cost you around 879,999 USD. However, the current value estimated to around 1.2 million USD in the market. People have stories of sounds of horses and open and shut down of doors and many more made this place haunted.

Wrapping Up

Well, do you have any of such list of most expensive haunted houses with you, why not share with us. You can plan your visit these places for sure.