/Most Expensive Hospital Care in the World

Most Expensive Hospital Care in the World

In the fast pace world, the first thing that has an adverse impact is on the health. The unhealthy lifestyle, thanks to the cut-throat competition, which make things really bad for health. On the other side, the sky rocketing cost for getting healthcare services is also a concern. There have been studies made on finding the expensive hospitals in the world and precisely the developed nations like the US and the UK are among the top nations to have the most expensive hospitals in this planet. We at Exorbitant are known to bring out the list of several expensive stuff and hospitals are certainly not an exception. How about checking the list of the most expensive hospitals in the world, have a look:

Bayonne Medical Center, New Jersey

The first to name in this domain is Bayonne Medical Center, New Jersey, which you may find an average looking hospitals but the reports came out it topped in it emerging as the most expensive hospitals in the country. An average bill for any healthcare services in this hospital is more than 4.1 times than any average hospital. And for some of the surgical procedures, the number is even greater than the other hospitals. For instance a mini-stroke patient has to pay around 120,040 USD at Bayonne, which is five times the average cost of 21830 USD. Ironically, this corporate hospital ranks poor in patient satisfaction as per the US News & World Report.

Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Pennsylvania

The other to name in this list is Crozer-Chester Medical Center, Pennsylvania, which are as reports are around 3.7 times more than the national average cost. As per New York Times report, this hospital is the second most expensive hospital in the country. The hospital can put a huge bill of 140772 USD for a simple pneumonia treatment, which can barely cost you around 25,000 USD.

Northbay Medical Center, California

The other in this list includes Northbay Medical Center, California, which charges a patient around 3.7 times than any average national average for inpatient procedure. As pre reports, the hospital charges around 6.1 times for any toxic effect on any patient a whopping 236,456, which is more than 6.1 times.  Also, in terms of patient satisfaction, it ranks low. As pre the U.S. News and World Report, it ranks in the slot of 27-37 as per the specialties.

Doctors Medical Center, California

The other in the list of expensive hospitals is Doctors Medical Center, California, which may appear modest but can make you bankrupt by giving you a whopping medical bill. For instance, a treatment for any poisonous ailment can lead you to pay around 187715 USD, which is around 4.8 times more than an average bill of around 39,000 USD. This corporate hospital is known to have 441 beds but is ranked poorly when it comes to factors like patient satisfaction as per the US News & World Report.

Wrapping up

The list is long and nasty and it will keep on adding holes on your wallet making your bankrupt. The fact is their whopping bills can make you leave this immortal world.