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Most Expensive Kids Bikes

Since the past few years, we have seen the kid’s bikes have gone upside down. We can now see bikes like training wheels and balance bikes as well. There are so many small size bikes that are available in the market found with disc and forks along with the little rippers. Even the basic kind of kid bikes have evolved a lot making their lives safer and fun. In order to take advantage of these advances, one can find several features to check with the new kid’s bike. Some of these bikes tend to remain the most expensive ones, how about checking the most expensive kid’s bikes as under:

Prevelo Zulu 2 Heir

One of the expensive bikes for kids include Prevelo Zulu 2 Heir, which cost you around 1000 USD. It has a 16-inch model trail slayer that is found with the disc brakes and is available with a suspension fork that is remained squished. It is exactly the same with a few rippers that would need to make the transition from the boke to the singletrack trails easy. These bikes have Disc brakes that remain the game changers for the same.

Women Off 4

One of the other expensive kids for the bike is Woom Off 4, which cost you around 800 USD. The company is known to offer some of the best and credible bikes for the kids. The line of mountain bikes is seen pushing with the higher bar for the little rippers that one can expect. There are more than 20, 24 and 26-inch models along with using the disc brakes along with the rigid carbon forks that are used just to reduce the save weight. With the Schwalbe tires in it, the bike gets little testers upright allowing the kids to enjoy the ride over the rough terrain. The high-quality parts remain the tested weights and could weigh around 17 pounds that tend to remain in these bikes.

Proline Micro

The Redline is known to have one of the most influential bikes in the town. The bikes have been kicking since the year 1977 and with the help of the 18-inch wheels, one can find a good or flying start with the tracks. There you can find a lightweight formed with the butted aluminum frame, available with three-piece cranks, and features like tapered fork, and gearing that remain appropriate for the age group. The single inch tires on the wheels that tend to remain super fast on the hard BMX track surfaces. The cost of the bike is 500 USD.

Giant TCX Espoir 24

The other expensive bike for kids is Giant TCX Espoir 24 which helps in enjoying great travel adventure. It is regarded as the first road bike due to the wider knobbier tires that are known to have more amount of traction and better control when compared to the skinny slicks seen over the paved roads. It has an aluminum frame with low standover, which ends up making it easier for the lives of kids to hop on and off. Further with the help of disc brakes, one can enjoy a good control speed.