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Most Expensive Medicine

Although a number of the same drugs that remain over the list one can find some big takeaway this year. This certainly includes the most expensive and it is none other than the medicines. This Jan, there were around 20 drugs seen over the list, which include Ravicti, Myalept, and Actimmune, which boost up the list cost. Also, there are two newly approved drugs, which went on to make their list with the cost that goes beyond 30k USD in a month. Well, the cost is still not a good proxy for the cost of a drug, well, how about checking the list of the most expensive medicine in the following paragraphs:


One of the most expensive medicines one can count is $71,306, which is called an orphan drug, which is intended to treat some rare kind of ailment. This helps in treating ailments like the leptin deficiency found among the patients with generalized kind of lipodystrophy, which is a condition found over abnormal fat distribution in the body. The patients who remain self-administer that cost around $5,093 per vial. The drug helps in fixing the rare condition, and are found with no affordable ways.


The other drug that costs the highest is around $55,341, which is manufactured by Horizon Therapeutics. It helps in treating the urea cycle ailment that remains genetic conditions giving results in the high level of ammonia found in the blood. If this remains untreated can lead to issues like urea cycle disorders that can lead to issues of confusion, coma, and death. Talking about the medicine it can help in getting the children to the young as two months of age, adults, and teens, which helps in getting to use 11 bottles in one month.


The drug was of around $53,730 that comes to around drugs that seem to come approved with March 2019 that helps in treating help in relapsing forms of issues like multiple sclerosis. The patients were seen taking the treatment-seeking the help with Mavenclad for around one year. But the courses seemed to be expensive, with the list cost of around $53,730. The EMD Serono is seen offering copay cards that can help in reducing the pocket costs a little less around zero USD per prescription. But the program can help in commercially insured patients.


The other medicine that comes with a huge cost that goes to around 52,777 USD. The medicine helps in putting the second drug along with the list manufactured by the company called Horizon Therapeutics that is seen approved for the ailments including chronic granulomatous disease and osteopetrosis along with the rare disorder that helps in causing the immune system to malfunction. The patients with ailments like Actimmune that comes to around thrice over a week. Over the average, they seemed to be seen with the 11 single-use vials a month.

Wrapping up

The other expensive medicines include Oxervate – $48,498 and Takhzyro – $45,464 apart from the others like Daraprim – $45,000, Juxtapid – $44,714, Cinryze – $44,141, Chenodal – $42,570, Gattex – $40,450, H.P. Acthar – $39,864, Tegsedi – $34,600 and Vitrakvi – $32,800.