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Most expensive OTT platforms

Most expensive OTT platforms

If you love visual content then your preferred platform can be the OTT platforms. Well, in the last few years, we have seen a good surge of these web-based content providers like Netflix and others on the internet. OTT simply means Over the Top thus making it an abbreviation of this term. If you look at the web landscape, you can find a wide range of OTT platforms that remain the most expensive ones.

Talk of the most expensive platforms on the OTT bandwagon and Netflix comes on the top. The company remains the oldest and the most expensive OTT platform in the world which incepted way back in 1997. However, as far as streaming services in India are concerned, it was launched in 2016. The company has its presence all across the world including nations like the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. It is famous for rich and expensive content and some of the popular shows include Money Heist, House of Cards, Sacred Games, Peaky Blinders to name a few. It has expensive membership plans with the list given to mobile devices and then to laptops and desktops.

Amazon Prime Video

The next most expensive OTT platform is Amazon Prime, which came into being in 2016, and it has been going great guns as far as the number of subscribers is concerned and the rich content is concerned. The streaming platform has its presence in some of the top nations like the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other places. It offers a huge range of series and films and these include The Family Man, Mirzapur, Tandav and other stuff. The subscription is affordable when compared to Netflix.

Hotstar (now Disney+ Hotstar)

Now, it is called Disney Plus Hotstar which is obviously a culmination of two big companies in the same domain. It is estimated to have 300 M subscribers all across the world and is popular in all the major continents including Europe, the US, Canada, Asia, and the Middle East as well. Some of the best shows include the Cricket world cup (2015), Indian Premier League (2019), and Game of Thrones series (2016) and it happens to be the best. The subscription is expensive depending on your choice.

Zee 5

The next big OTT platform in India and expensive ones include Zee5, which remains a popular choice for entertaining the audience in a big way. It was launched earlier with the name DittoTV. Since it is backed by a popular entertainment group called Zee, it seems to be a known OTT platform now. It has more than 1000 plus movies and shows streaming too often.


The next one that remains expensive in this domain is SonyLIV, which like the Zee5 has backing from a popular entertainment channel Sony. It has several groups linked with this OTT platform, which gives ample visual content to enjoy. You can catch more than 700 plus movies and TV shows ready to showcase on it. Some of the shows include LoveBytes, Married Women diaries, and so on. The cost of the show is competitive and yet it remains an expensive platform for sure.