/Most Expensive Rehab in the World

Most Expensive Rehab in the World


If you are living a high life, you are required to go for drug rehab, and if you can have it lavish and amidst all luxury, think again. Well, while thinking about it again, you can find many rehab centers in the world which are luxurious and thus remain the most expensive ones in terms of facilities and other things. The fact of the matter is the luxury that surrounds these places would add a new addition to these places for sure. How about checking some of the most expensive rehab centers in the world, have a look at these:

Beau Monde

One of the popular and expensive rehab centers in the world include Beau Monde, which treats you not less than a star while you get your recovery from the drug/alcohol addiction. It has an excellent location as one can it amid Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Hollywood Hills. It is known to have an extremely posh smoking zone along with a good rehab facility meant for toasting in the private setting, addictive massage, and gourmet meals. With all the luxury it can cost you around $96,000 a month.

The Sanctuary

The next option for you to consider in the rehab in the world includes The Sanctuary, which costs around $18,500 per week. It is located amidst breathtaking eastern Australia, and it has the facility that offers each client a beachfront bungalow, along with giving them a private chef, a chauffeured limousine, and a personal fitness instructor to name a few. Its naturopathic alcoholism treatment program, which blends both meditation, shiatsu, yoga, and Western therapy methods.

Passages to Recovery

The next worth rehab to name in it includes the Passages to Recovery. You may not find such a luxurious rehab center like this, which is good in terms of luxury and beauty. One has to invest around $40,000 to $50,000 per month, while the clients get their own private chef along with getting access to a library, high-end media room, along the juice bar; and individual therapy sessions with a different set of doctors, along with other experts like the spiritual counselors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and masseuses.

Harmony Place

The next worthy rehab to consider include Harmony Place, which can cost you around $40,000 per month. It is based in sunny Malibu, which includes the participation of equine-assisted psychotherapy, which tend to remain with the facilities like the gym, and relax rooms with hardwood floors, and other things like the fireplaces, and cozy white duvets.


The next worthy and expensive rehab centers include Promises. If you are looking to go for rehab you can rely on this place. Promises justify the name and it has the required facility that has been overlooking for the pacific place, which promises a comfortable and luxurious stay allowing a quick recovery. The cost for this can range from $33,000 to $49,000 per month, while the center happens to be a celebrity favorite considering the number of features it carries.