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Most Expensive Rolexs

Rolex, barely needs any introduction as it happens to be among the top watch company based in Switzerland.  It has faced a lot to become the top brand in the world producing the Most Expensive Rolex in the world. The branding for the watch brand is huge when it comes to Rolex, so, when we talk about the top name in this brand one watch that comes at the top in terms of being expensive is 1968 Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona, which cost you around17,752,500 USD. This watch came in the year 2016, which was redesigned of a three decades old erstwhile vintage watch. Though it was lost earlier, which made the company to redesign it with some new and interesting features to embark upon this exorbitantly expensive watch?  


It was first owned by a Hollywood actor and legend Woodward when his wife presented him this watch when he was starting up his career in motor race. He then gave this watch to his daughter’s boyfriend James Cox1984, just because the boy didn’t have any watch at that time. However, he wore the watch with ignorance for next three decades until it was recognized by clued-up collector. Since then he was a celebrity to own such an expensive watch and soon he sold the watch to help a charity organization simply extend the philanthropic legacy of his former girlfriend. In fact, when it was sold in an action, it remained the most awaited auction to be present for the obvious reasons.