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Most Expensive RVs

RV is often called as a serious investment regardless of the kind you decide. Even if you happen to be an average motorhome owner having modest features, it could still cost you a million, if not then be prepared to pay whopping hundreds of thousands of dollars in it. When it comes to getting the RVs, these are bought with some great amount of features including customizations, and the size. As RV is regarded similar to homes, these tend to remain the most customizable option for the ground up, it is certainly not a shocking thing for sure. Well, how about checking the top most expensive RVs as under:

Newmar King Aire

This is among the largest and most luxurious classes of motorhomes when it comes to the expensive list in the market. With huge price inflation, it ends up starting at a cost of one million dollars if you are keen to get the completely – loaded and customized RV of your dreams. It promises with four different color schemes, backed with the line entertainment system that remains wired throughout the unit, apart from remaining the most comfortable bedroom layouts as well. It is based on a Spartan K3 chassis and propelled by a 605-horsepower Cummins diesel engine. With a tablet, you can get access to the rest of your motorhome that comes from the driver’s seat, thus giving you complete control over the in and out thing.

EleMMent Palazzo

This remains the most expensive RV in this list and it should come as a surprise to anyone as it cost around 3.1 Million USD. It has been developed by Austria manufacturer Marchi’s extravagant jewel and often appears to be something very much straight coming from science fiction. It has an automatic gangway to welcome people on board having an indulgent interior, which is built up with a modular couch. This ends up transforming into a lounge making it somewhere the master suite with marble, hardwood, and polished metal elements.

Vantare Platinum Plus

The next RV that falls under the expensive list of RVs is Vantare Platinum Plus. It defines with utmost luxury made up of incredible interiors with Inca marble, hand-made glass, Italian leather, and suede to name a few. This RV gives you the option of kicking back the king-sized bed or luxury sofa from the Italian brand or get things done for your office while you have good wine and the best food. Also, if you intend to go for a workout session, the built-in treadmill. Do not want to drive the rig over the campsite then this RV remains the best option to try. It cost you around $2.5 million, which remains the starting cost for this RV.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

The next RV that remains the most expensive one is  Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It is a large size 30 ton and 22-wheeled along with 1200 square foot behemoth. The cost is estimated to around 30,000 USD with $150,000 worth of granite that is seen in both the bathrooms and the kitchen.