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Most expensive shampoos

A strong and silky hair would need a good shampoo. After all it remains the key element of your body part. It helps in revitalizing your hair along with keeping the heads high adding the glamour and adding great confidence. The elegance and freshness you get can be easily achieved with the help of using quality shampoo on your hair. But do you know the shampoos can be even bought exorbitant cost. Yes, you heard it right. I can name loads of shampoos that remain the most expensive one. They can have additional value to your hair and thus help in offering you an alluring effect while you buy them. I have enlisted a few top and most expensive shampoos, have a look at them as under:

Ten Voss Shampoo – $300

The first to name in the expensive list of shampoo include Ten Voss Shampoo that can cost you around 300 USD. This is among the top and expensive shampoos to name. It helps in adding up a new texture in your hair along with improving the health of your hair as well. The key ingredients used in this shampoo include voss water that helps in getting a key look with a right shine in the hair.

Kevis 8 – $219

The other shampoo that I find expensive is kevis 8 that cost you around 218 USD. This shampoo a popular among ladies who want to enjoy luxury with quality. These are sold in a gorgeously designed kits that carry the shampoos and conditioners and these are mostly recommended for people with oily hair. It has a pioneering position in the hair and beauty and its standard and value simply makes it very much popular among the different celebs and stylists as well.

Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo -$140rushian

The next in this list which I found worthy to be included here is Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo. It usually cost you around 140 USD. As per the popular magazine called Vogue, it is among the best to get the right kind of luster and texture getting a striking look. The ingredients include the grape seed, rose water, nettle and water and these are used to restore the damaged hair along with getting the smooth element.

Oribe – $116

The next I feel worthy to be included in this list include Oribe which is also a kind of shampoo that remain the most trendy ones among the celebrities and rich people. This shampoo has the power and feature to give any color you want on your hair. I found the cost for this shampoo as 116 USD.

Bvlgari Shampoo – $60


The other that remain both costly and worthy to be used by a slew of people is Bvlgari Shampoo, which can cost you around 60 USD. It is popular among the celebrities and remain among their favorite item in the beauty box. I found many of the celebs flaunt this shampoo in their vanity box and it cost an okay figure.

Wrapping up

The others include Oleo – $40 and Acqua Di Parma – $30 hat can be included in this list. You can also share your own expensive list of shampoo that I have shared with your.