/Most Expensive Space Crafts

Most Expensive Space Crafts

Ever since ancient times, we have seen the man has been always intrigued by the fact as to what goes over the sky or space. People at every age had tried to find out answers to their questions looking out over the sky and find out what’s going on by simply watching the movement of the heavenly bodies. With passing time, the development taking place in science and technology has simply propelled man to enter space and land on the moon and kept their research for other planets and heavenly bodies. The huge and state of the art facility space crafts have helped man to come closer to the other planets. Well, how about checking the list of most expensive space crafts as under:

United Launch Alliance Delta IV and Atlas V

The SpaceX that remains the joint venture of Boeing-and-Lockheed Martin called the United Launch Alliance was among the most expensive space mission by any agency in the world. The CEO of the agency Tory Bruno later confided the real cost of space launch, which he hinted saying that one can use 15 to 20 percent to get an idea of the total cost of the rocket that is being launched. The cost of the spacecraft used in it was not less than 280 million USD, while the total cost of the mission was around 350 million USD. This is certainly a huge amount for sure.

SpaceX Falcon 9

Think of the recent goings-on at the Tesla and SolarCity, we have Elon Musk crediting for one big thing that talks about the economics of space launches. He is made SpaceX one of the single most transparent space companies on this planet which were seen posting the spaceship at a whopping cost. The makers later released the cost of the spacecraft used on the SpaceX website giving the cost of developing the spaceship called Falcon 9, which was not less than 50 Million USD, which is certainly huge.

Arianespace Ariane 5

The next one to name in this list is Arianespace, which was owned by the Airbus and Safran. It is regarded as the expensive space ships in the world. So, when it comes to the cost, the makers of this space ship claim that it did cost more than $200 million. That’s huge for any space agency to invest in space ships.

The other expensive spaceships are many and some of these include the PSLV Rocket, which was estimated at a cost of around 17.7 Million USD, while the other rocket called the GSLV cost the Indian agency – ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization as 25.5 million USD. On the other side, Long March from China was launched at a cost of 70 million USD with 56 million USD was devoted to the spaceship or space vehicle cost. The space ship from Russia called Proton and Angara were made at the cost of 105 million USD, which included 65 million USD cost for the said spaceship.