/Most Expensive Sporting Events

Most Expensive Sporting Events

The world is full highly expensive stuff and events, which also include the sporting events. We see people being glued to a number of sporting events and the FIFA World Cup. It is the craze or the huge fan following for any sporting event that counts a lot when it comes to making them a exorbitantly expensive sporting event. Then there are other sporting events apart from the FIFA world cup that remains to be expensive. Well, how about rolling out the list of some of the Most Expensive Sporting Events in the following paragraphs:

FIFA World Cup

Talk about the expensive sporting event, and you find FIFA World cup comes on the top. The 2010 tournament held in South Africa is regarded as the most expensive sporting events in the world. As per an estimate, around 33 Billion rends were invested in this event. The host country had constructed five big new stadiums along with a new airport and several new roads. Now, we hear that the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar would remain the most expensive sporting event as they have already invested 100 Billion Qatari riyals to add new projects in the current infrastructure.

Olympic Games

The next in this list is the Summer Olympics in China held in 2008. It had a whopping cost of around 295 Billion yuan. The cost includes adding up new subway lines, light railway, an airport terminal, roads and stadiums. The Olympic Stadium in Beijing (called Bird’s Nest) alone cost them £270m, as it required 41,875 tonnes of steel and was constructed in a unique lattice design. Earlier the Winters Olympics in Turin held in 2016 was done with a cost of £2.3bn.

Commonwealth Games in 2010

It is interesting to see an Indian event too to be the part of this list. The Commonwealth Games held in Delhi remained the most expensive till date that cost around 300 Billion INR. Despite putting that huge money, the event was put under different controversies for the poor living conditions and facilities at the Athletes’ Village, the delays in venue construction, and many more similar issues.

Super Bowl

The next in this list is called the Super Bowl XLV, which was organized at the cost of 40 million USD. It remains the largest event to be organized by a single committee in the US. The sporting event is basically the 45th American Football championship final match, which was held on the 6th of February. The organizers left no stone unturned to make the complete area feel really connected, and they made sure to hold big-time event connecting five nations. The multimillion event had Sting in Dallas and the concerts by Faith Hill in Fort Worth.

Wrapping up

The other expensive sporting events include Formula 1 Race, Tour De France – the cycling race, and many more to name with. However, the above four remains the most expensive sporting events in the world. So, do you have any list, do share with us and let us know.