/Most Expensive Water to Drink

Most Expensive Water to Drink

Some may feel that water comes for free but yet they purchase bottled water. However, the former statement is true only when you drink tap water and now when you do the latter. The fact is water becomes expensive when we consider any bottled water to consume. We can call Bottled water a typical grocery store and when it comes from any top brand it is certainly not inexpensive. This is where the water becomes expensive. In this post, we will be talking about the most expensive water to drink. How about checking them as under in the following paragraphs:

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

One of the most expensive waters you drink is Acqua di Cristallo Tributo, which is available at $60,000 per 750ml It is a Modigliani that remains the most expensive water in the world. The water comes from the natural springs found in Fiji and France, while it is preserved in a 24 karat gold bottle. The packaging of the water remains the most expensive part of this water product. It comes with a tantalizing flavor along with adding softness to the palette, which remains very much impressive.

Kona Nigari Water

The next water expensive enough to be included in this list includes Kona Nigari Water that is available at the cost of 402 USD per 750ml. The water is too effective to help you lose weight and increase the energy level along with helping in improving skin quality. The water is obtained from the island of Hawaii and it is found thousands of feet under the ocean. This remains too satisfying when it comes to quenching your thirst apart from having other features. Thanks to the presence of naturally rich components including quenching thirst along with other elements.


If you were in love with the game of chess then you would want to have the design of Fillico for its incredible designs found in bottles. The water in these bottles from the said brand can cost you around 219 USD per 750ml. These are cut along with the piece of king and queen that showcases ultimate royalty. The glass used for making the bottle remains elegant and cool. The water comes from the springs of places like Kobe found in Japan, which is also known as Nunobiki.

Bling H2O

The next in the list include Bling H2O which costs around $40 per 750ml. The water for this brand comes from the English Mountain Spring, which is found at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains of the place called Tennessee. One can even find a nine-step purification process, which further helps in getting the award-winning taste of water that remains equal to their award-winning design.


The next in this list include the one called Veen which can cost you around $23 per 750ml. The water in this bottle comes from Finland, which remains one of the purest and freshest waters in the world. The spring in Finland is located in a small village known as Tengelio. The brand ensures to filter the water naturally with the help of ice age before it reaches the Konisaajo natural spring.