/Most expensive women inner-wears

Most expensive women inner-wears

I always had imagined how people on earth could can have expensive inner wears. Well, yes there are brands that cost huge for the celebrities who wear and flaunt them when they get time having whopping cost. As per the latest figures of Diamond Fantasy Bra released by Victoria Secret, a single bra went on to cost a whopping 2.5 million USD. This can be indeed a dream for an ordinary people to imagine someone wearing such expensive inner wear. At one end I know that imagining to wear the ultra-expensive inner wears but on the other side, we have readers who are curious to know as to how much really the inner wears can cost. Well, I have jotted down the most expensive women inner-wears as under:


The brand was founded in the year 2007 by the couple Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez. It is known to have a collection of some vintage classics with decidedly modern ones. The brand is known to produce slinky, sexy, and utterly sensual inner wears while it is not for any faint of heart or the faint of wallet. Talking about the cost, the innerwear dresses from this brand can range from 500 USD to 1400 USD.

Carine Gilson

It is among the known and most established designer or brand when it comes to the innerwear brand. The company has been designing the lingerie since the early nineties, and they use only the softest silk, along with having the delicate lace, and the sheerest chiffon. Every item is a handcrafted work of art, worth more ounce for ounce than even some of the most beautiful jeweller. A Carine Gilson thong (her most basic piece) starts at $240 with her full-length kimonos selling for just over $1360.

Agent Provocateur

The other brand that is worth counting in this list is Agent Provocateur, which is known to produce luxury lingerie. One of the known products of the company is Victoria’s Secret that are known to produce mainstream lingerie, which remain elegant, costly, and erotic at the same time. If you talk about the cost, the inner wear of Agent Provocateur has bodysuits worth 800 USD, kimonos worth 900 USD, and robes worth 1100 USD, and many more.

Jean Yu

This brand is known to produce high quality Gorgeous, and ethereal designs that have an interesting feature called their simplicity. It is known to have lightweight, and airy piece, which are known to have limited edition. The brand has the basic silk triangle bra that ranges from 320 USD, while the full lingerie set including the bra, knickers, & garter belt are known to cost around $1,000. The company is based in New York.

Wrapping up

Now talking specifically, we have many more exhorbitantly expensive inner wears these include the Gold Lingerie  worth 26,000 USD, Anamika Khanna ORRA Diamond Bustier that cost a whopping 1.3 million USD, the Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra, which cost you around 6.5 million USD, Millennium Bra worth 10 million USD, the Very Sexy Fantasy Bra 11 million USD, Heavenly Star Fantasy Bra worth 12.5 million USD, and Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra that cost 12.5 million USD.