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Most Expensive Yacht

An expensive yacht is not a symbol of luxury but also a sign of status and sign of wealth as well, which can be only owned by people who happen to be wealthy billionaire in the world. Some of the most expensive yachts include helipads, movie theaters, concert halls, saunas, hot tubs and multiple swimming pools. How about catching up the list of most expensive yacht in the world:

HISTORY SUPREME – $4.8 BILLION Made of solid gold:

One of the most expensive yachts includes the History Supreme, which is among the most expensive one. It owned by a Malaysian richest man called Robert Knock, while it too three years to built this yacht with the help of 10,000 KGs of solid gold and platinum, while it is designed by a known UK based luxury boat designer called Stuart Hughes. It has Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium made up of 24 carat gold, which features rare 18.5 carat diamond.



It is among the largest yachts in the world, while it is owned by Russian billionaire called Roman Abramovich. It has some of the best features, which include intruder detection system missile detection system, which gives the best security against the lethal stuff, while it has two helipads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, hot tubs and a disco hall. It was developed by Blohm and Voss of Germany and it is designed by Terence Disdale.


it is among the expensive yachts with such a huge money. It was developed by a German based person called Blohm and Voss while it was designed by Terence Disdale.  It has mini-submarine, which is competent enough to submerge up to 50 metres underwater. The master bedroom is known for having bullet proof features, while it has lasers in the surrounding areas that prevents anyone capture in their camera.



It is among the expensive yachts, while it belongs to a Dubai based guy called Azzam who is the maker of the same. It can float at the speed of around 35 kmph, while designed by a France based Interior decorator called Christophe Leoni to have some of the best interiors in it, whereas the exteriors was designed by the man called Nauta Yacht. It has gas turbines along with having the capability to swim over both shallow and warm water.



This expensive yacht is owned by a Russian businessman called Andrey Melnichenko, which has been designed by the man called Philippe Stark, while the Kiel based shipyard called Blohm and Voss shipyard by Architect Martin Francis. Both the interiors and the exteriors are lavish and cool to check with. It has master bedroom, six guest suites and disco theft carrying the moving walls that converts them into four big size staterooms. The features include helicopter hanger, 3 swimming pool and a 30 feet speedboat as well along with glass bottomed much to offer.

Wrapping up

The others include DUBAI – $400 MILLION, and AL SAID – $300 MILLION and the list moves on. This is just a few of the yachts. You can even name them a few.