/Most Luxurious Beaches in the World

Most Luxurious Beaches in the World

With luxury come the comfort, bliss and tranquility. Similar goes with the beaches in the world. Spending time over the beaches can be priceless if you find the surrounding cool and picturesque. However, if you are considering a rich and enthralling beach to enjoy a spectacular view with the glistering waves moving around would cost you.  Yet, it can be a worthy experience to be the part of such beaches that remain amidst all the luxury. Needless to say that it happens to be the most expensive one as well that has helped to build some cool beaches around. How about catching up the list of Most Luxurious Beaches in the World that remain the expensive ones with us, have a look:

Anse Vata beach, Noumea, New Caledonia

Anse Vata beach, Noumea, New Caledonia

It is a cool strip with white and golden sand having blue water that remain crystal clear is among the luxurious beaches on earth. The beach called Anse Vata beach, Noumea, New Caledonia happens to be the expensive and has been named so in 2018 Beach Price Index. The facility fees you pay to enter into this beach area is around 32 USD, while the lunch in this beach would cost you around 31 USD. Thus with around 92 USD per person per day, which makes it not just expensive but also luxurious.

Finale Ligure, Liguria, Italy

The other luxurious beach is Finale Ligure, Liguria, Italy, which is surrounded by lush green mountains giving the visitor one of the most enthralling view. But to enjoy this you also need to pay the facility fee that include a couple of things like sun lounger along with an umbrella for shade to around 42 USD, while one small bottle with cream can cost you around 17.5 USD. So, in a day you have to invest around 90 USD, while if you are not keen on using these facilities then you end up visiting this beach without investing a penny.

Solanas Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

The other to name this beach is the quintessentially beach located at the Sardinian terracotta having the roofed houses lined over the roads down over the wide beach area. However, your enjoyment at this beach can cost you around 76.23 USD. For getting an umbrella along with the sun lounger can cost you the most at 29.11 USD, while a lunch for one person can cost you around 20.51 USD.

Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

The other luxurious beach worth considering in this list include Waikiki, which is considered to be a royal retreat for the Hawaiian Royal guys and it come along with the price tag to match. It is regarded as the top fifth luxurious and expensive beaches on earth. On an average you have to invest around 75 USD along with 29 USD for the cold bear and other things.

South Beach, Florida, USA

The other most expensive and Most Luxurious Beaches on earth is the one called South Beach based in Florida in the US. Situated in Miami, it is popular for having some cool strands of sand that can cost you around 75 USD while the lunch would cost you extra that reaches to 28 USD per meal. So, you have to invest a huge to spend time on this luxurious beach. Similar goes with the beaches in the world.