/Most Popular Entry Door Styles & Design Options

Most Popular Entry Door Styles & Design Options

The Importance of Choosing the Right Entry Doors

Rose Tarlow is known for saying that if eyes are windows to our souls, then windows must be the eyes into the “soul” of our house. Following this logic, then the point could also be made that  Entry Doors are more than just a simple point of entry. In many ways, entry doors are really a direct path into the heart of your home. And because this is true, it’s important to make the right choice when selecting your own entry doors.

Popular Entry Door Styles for 2021

In terms of entry door material options, you can go with things like wood, steel, fiberglass, large glass panes, and more. But what styles of entry doors are trending? There are honestly more style selections available now than ever before. If you’re looking for the right entry door to make that perfect first impression on your visitors and guests, here are some of the most current, most popular entry door styles worth considering:

Ø  Traditional

In the same sense that “normal” has been described as nothing more than a setting on your dryer, the term “traditional” is sometimes hard to define. The same is true for traditional entry door styles, too; sometimes “traditional” is really in the eye of the beholder. But most traditional exterior doors do have several things in common. They’re typically more simple in design, feature clear symmetry, include a number of raised panels, and usually come with pre-hung matching hardware.

Ø  Craftsman

The craftsman style is a popular look for everything from small cottages to large mountain retreats, and it honestly looks pretty fantastic for most any other home design, too. These entry doors are often made of real wood, but there are also some great embossed, woodgrain fiberglass options. The craftsman look includes straight lines with a Shaker-inspired look. Many craftsman doors also feature a window or large glass insert at the top. There may be some raised, rectangular panels across the bottom, too.

Ø  Modern

“Modern” often isn’t any easier to define than “traditional,” but modern exterior doors usually emphasize a more minimalist approach to design. The look is clean and streamlined, without much in the way of extra scrollwork or embellishments. Modern entry doors often feature straight lines with other simple geometric details. These doors look great on contemporary homes, and often include long, straight door handles, stainless steel features, and can also feature small glass features in geometric patterns.

Ø  Cape Cod

The Cape Cod-style originated in the Northeast and has since become popular throughout the U.S. These houses are easy to spot with their minimalist walkways and complementary greenery. In terms of entry door style, the Cape Cod look typically features a large rectangular glass panel, sidelights, and white trim. These doors pair well with soft, neutral colors schemes like shades of blue, green, tan, or anything else that contributes to a beachy or oceanic atmosphere.

Ø  Ornate

The ornate look is a very popular entry door design for when you want to draw some focused attention to your house. The most standout feature of this style approach is the ornate glass shapes which are prominently displayed in the door panel, sidelights, and any features included above the door. Some of the more intricate ornate doors also entail metal detail work around the glass features. This type of door design is particularly popular for contemporary and colonial home styles.

Ø  Rustic

Rustic doors can commonly be found on homes or cabins which feature wood, brick, or stone exteriors. These doors are usually made of either wood or attractive faux wood and can be either rectangular or arched. These doors are often thicker and heavier, and they may feature bulkier or oversized hardware as well. Raised panels, clear glass, and scored lines can sometimes be found on rustic doors, too

Ø  Modern Farmhouse

The farmhouse look is definitely “in” right now. This style evokes a feeling of comfort, combined with down-home sturdiness. A farmhouse entry door feels welcoming, and features streamlined architecture, ushers in ample natural light, and fits in nicely with neutral color schemes. And farmhouse doesn’t equate to primitive, either – the farmhouse look is really a fine balance of both classic and contemporary. The right paint or stain can turn a modern farmhouse-style door into the perfect focal point for your entryway. A solid black door against white trim and siding is one of the most popular farmhouses looks. Many farmhouse doors follow a basic rustic style, but with farmhouse-specific accents.

Ø  Arched

The arched style can really overlap with many other entry door styles – the “arched” designation simply refers to their distinctive curve at the top. Arched doors can also include signature features like bold windows, double doors, and vintage hardware. One other commonality with arched doors is that they’re almost always made from natural wood.

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